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Support tasering victims

tasering victims go to court
Support victims of march 30th tasering

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On May 30th a peaceful rally organized by UO students to support the Lane County Commissioners moratorium on roadside herbicide spray resulted in police brutality and the tasering of 18-year old Ian Van Ornum. We witnessed their misconduct and remain shocked at what occurred that day and in the months since.
In the ensuing two-three months Eugeneans have witnessed EPD Chief Lehner, District Attorney Harcelroad, and even City Manager Jon Ruiz participate in some or all of the following: disregard the law and city ordinances, supercede the police auditor and Civilian Review Board, present the grand jury with only witnesses favorable to the police officers, attempt to manipulate the court of public opinion, exonerate the police officers publicly, defend their own positions as within their paternal purview, and indict three young people in Circuit Court, particularly two with felony riot charges which could haunt them throughout their lives. (Please see attached op-ed printed in Eugene Weekly's August 28 issue:  http://www.eugeneweekly.com/2008/08/28/index.html )
Shockingly, the May 30th tasering revealed that Homeland Security's Federal Protection Service, whose responsibility solely is to guard federal buildings, is spying on Eugeneans exercising their First Amendment Rights of free speech and assembly.
All of the above are actions are designed to rationalize the police brutality of May 30th, intimidate people, and perhaps even test the parameters of limiting our rights as citizens.
In our democracy, all of these results are chilling.

We are contacting you to ask for your support of Ian Van Ornum, David Parziale and Toni Farely. We could use your help in any of the following ways:

Your leadership in planning, strategizing and implementing all forms of appropriate support of Tony, Ian and David.

Help find and fund (pro bono?) criminal defense, and civil rights attorneys for Toni Farely and David Parziale.

Lend your name or organization's name to media and other outreach, publicity, or as a resource.

Strategize to express resistance to and participate in resistance to the escalation of both the May 30th incident and the subsequent charges, manipulations

of the grand jury, and spin in the media and public by both Chief Lehner and DA Harcleroad.

Strategize and take action about how to resist Homeland Security's spying on the May 30th rally and other political events in our area and beyond.

Address ways to support the police auditor and Civilian Review Board, and insure that these city functions are permanently funded, in place, and the rules of conduct are not circumvented by any other city or county official.

Identify and network with other individuals, groups and organizations that could help with the above items.

Donations to support the May 30th Victims can be sent to: Oregon Community Credit Union; Friends of 'Kesey Square Three.'
Please contact us with any other questions that you might have.

Witnesses of the May 30th tasering:
Amy Pincus Merwin
Contact: 541.521.5062
amy@inform productions.com

Samantha Chirillo
Josh Schlossberg
Carly Barnicle: www.crazypeopleforwildplaces.com
Mary Stephens

wtf? 06.Sep.2008 19:36

not Green Scare

What does this have to do with the Green Scare? In the future please file your article submissions under the correct subject.