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Rent-a-Cops Expand to the Eastside

The marriage of private and public security forces and the Portland Business Alliance is threatening the organic infrastructure of the inner Eastside of Portland. Recent events point to gradual takeover. Take action in any way you can: write letters, organize action meetings, rally outside the fusion center, tell the rent-a-cops their on the wrong side of the rive-- before it's too late!
it's almost nostalgic, thinking of the days when PPI and Clean and Safe patrol and harassment were limited to Portland's Corporate Livingroom: Pioneer Courthouse Square and Pioneer Place. Then the Portland Business Alliance took advantage of unconstitutional, racist and fascist 'laws' like the Sit-Lie and Anti-Camping ordinances and Drug Free Zones in order to expand their control over most of downtown. In cooperation with the Sheriff, the Portland Police, Tri-met Security, Portland Patrol Services, Blackwater and others, they have even set up a fusion center (go see it yourself: the logos cover the windows) at the Old Town/Chinatown MAX stop, right next to the TopOff3 dirty bomb target: the Steel Bridge.

Now they're on the Central Eastside Industrial and Commercial area. With spreading gentrification, real-estate grabs and looming MLK/Grand Streetcar plans (where Blumenauer's business buddies are padding his PAC coffers and re-election plans), it appears that the PBA and their rent-a-cop thugs are reaching their tentacles into our dear neighbourhood. We stopped the big box development plans on the Burnside Bridge, but that wasn't a big enough hint. The other day they were seen rounding up ruffkins and later came into our shop to tell us we had nothing to be afraid of: we were safe now. What I want to know is which businesses asked them to come over here and "save us" in the first place? We're doing fine on our own, thank you very much. If there are any problems, it's the drunk Pearl District prowlers, getting their kicks at the Doug Fir and Union Jacks, vomiting and knocking over our plant boxes. That's no reason to call over private mercenaries and harass the homeless, now, is it?

This is a call to action. Let's let them know, in no uncertain terms, that Capitalist pigs are not welcome here. If they want to be responsible and sustainable local small businesses, grass-roots collectives, and community-run organisations like the rest of us, they are welcome, but as soon as they bring their violent tactics of suppression and monopoly into our neighbourhood, we say NO.

Let's bring up Community policing and Copwatching into all our Neighbourhood Association meetings. Let's educate businesses on the ills of the PBA. Then, let's send them back to the Westside. As Black Hawk helicopters fly over, Homeland Security trucks drive through, SWAT teams drop on buildings and Secret Service fill our beloved inner Eastside, we need to seriously consider the implications of PPI's little visit the other day.

Email us if you're interested in having a planning meeting.

Check out our website calendar for neighbourhood meeting times.

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this is the only media coverage on the PPI-CEIC topic 03.Sep.2008 16:48


(Brooks Burford is the on-the-half-hour 'news guy' for both Clear Channel's Rush Limbaugh and Randi Rhodes stations, KEX and KPOJ, respectively. This story is from K103 website.)

Businesses Battle "Trespass Campers"

Central Eastside Businesses Hire Former Police To Clear The Streets
By Brooks Burford
Monday, August 25, 2008

Fed up with filth, garbage, urine, feces and litter, businesses on Portland's inner eastside have taken it upon themselves to solve what they say is an increasing problem of "trespass campers." The Central Eastside Industrial Council has hired P.P.I. to patrol the streets and encourage the campers to "move on."

"These people are not what many refer to as 'the homeless.' These people choose to live on the streets and generate filthy conditions." Terry Taylor, Executive Director, Central Eastside Industrial Council, says many people "are scared to come to work because these people are sleeping in their doorways, urinating, defecating... it's scary for these people.

P.P.I. is a Portland-based patrol company staffed by former Portland police officers. One of their successes is keeping Waterfront Park cleared of the chronically hygienically-challenged homeless.

Taylor says the latest head count shows 38 people causing all the problems in the area. So far just two P.P.I. officers are making the rounds since last week. But they're already making a difference. Trespass campers have been rousted from under the east end of the Hawthorne Bridge. Next the officers will try to encourage the trespass campers to pack up their tents and move away from under the east end of the Morrison Bridge.

1,300 businesses belong to the CEIC, providing jobs for 17,000 people. The Central Eastside Industrial district encompasses an area from the Willamette River east to 12th Avenue, and from Interstate 84 south to Powell Boulevard. The City of Portland hopes the inner eastside is an area where more businesses will move to, across from downtown.

RESPONSE FROM ME (not representing any 'business') on Brooks' final statement "The City of Portland hopes the inner eastside is an area where more businesses will move to, across from downtown": who, in this statement is "The City of Portland"? Mayor Potter? Terry Taylor? PPI? When did they make this statement? If their hope is to move more businesses in, those aren't the kinds of businesses I want in MY neighborhood!!

Yes, but there is lots of background. 04.Sep.2008 00:38


Trust me, I'm a rent-a-cop.

Portland's Private Police

Or just google "portland rent a cop"

The Mercury and street roots have done a all sorts of articles on the topic.

Terry's World--Party On!! 04.Sep.2008 01:13


here's more on the CEIC website  http://ceic.cc
it appears Terry Taylor authors every single one of the articles. There are no comments, generally--probably because noone is a member a CEIC. There's no way to login at the website. Apparently you have to be give secret access some other way. Maybe attend the meetings (every 3rd Tuesday)?

I have a sneaking suspicion Terry write's all his 'media' articles, too, as he brags below on "CEIC is in the Media!" Following that I copied his zenophobic story on Cesar Chavez Blvd and, finally, his third article which proves that there is still a plan by the PDC to develop the area near the Burnside Bridge. This Terry is quite a one man band.

Please tell your neighbors to join the CEIC!

Central Eastside Industrial District in the Media
Terry Taylor
on August 30, 2008
in Articles

The Central Eastside Industrial District is getting noticed! Over the past few weeks, the Central Eastside Industrial District has been featured in the Business Journal, on KEX 1190 AM radio and on KPTV Channel 12.

You can review any of these by copying and pasting the links below into your web browser.

KPTV Channel 12 News story on Trespass Campers in the district:


KEX 1190AM news story:

 link to www.1190kex.com

The Portland Business Journal articles on the district in their August 1st edition. You can see previews here:




Should you have any questions, concerns, or would like more information on the Central Eastiside Industrial District , please contact our Executive Director, Terry Taylor at  terry@ceic.cc or 503.577.5665.

Remember, by having more members join the CEIC, the better we can represent your business needs and have your voice heard within City Council and city agencies - please tell your neighbors to join the CEIC!
Burnside/MLK vacant buildings to be cleared out
Terry Taylor
on August 30, 2008
in Articles

A contractor hired by the Portland Development Commission (PDC) has started work on a project to remove several vacant buildings near the intersection of Burnside Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, at the east end of the Burnside Bridge. The property is owned by PDC, which is having it cleared as part of site preparation work on the four-acre Burnside Bridgehead site.

"This is really more of a recycling and salvage operation than it is just a building demolition," said PDC Construction and Environmental Services Manager Dave Obern. "We expect that we will be able to recycle or repurpose at least 85 percent of the materials in these two buildings." In addition to building removal, the contractor will work to improve the grading and drainage on the site.

"Clearing the site is our final step towards removing all of the obstacles to redevelopment, making the site shovel ready," said PDC Development Manager Kia Selley. "We've successfully dealt with all of the environmental issues and other concerns which can delay the start of a construction project. Our next major step toward transforming this prime location will be to select a new development partner who can implement the community's vision of a landmark mixed-use project."

PDC staffers are currently working with the Burnside Bridgehead Citizen Advisory Committee, made up of representatives from the Central east side, on interim uses for the Bridgehead site. "The objective is to find a temporary use that will engage the community and serve as a positive influence in this area," said Selley.

Dan Obrist Excavation, Inc. from Clackamas is the contractor on the $47,050 site preparation project, which is expected to take approximately six weeks to complete.
So what do you prefer? Grand Ave or Cesar E Chavez Blvd?
Terry Taylor
on August 25, 2008
in Articles

Well City Council looks like they are going to rename some streets in Portland and one of them slated could be Grand Ave. It appears that Grand Avenue could be renamed Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. According to Marta Guembes, co-chair of the Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard Committee, the group researched a number of streets and settled on Broadway, 39th and Grand because of their size, visibility and diversity, and because they're not already named after someone.

Discussion with a variety of CEIC businesses reflects that this is something they really don't want. Besides the headaches and financial burden that are involved in changing all marketing and collateral pieces to the new address name, it also requires businesses to notify all their vendors and clients. "We've been known for being on Grand for 70 years", said one business owner. "I don't want the name change."

Why not change Delta Park to Cesar Chavez Park? Mr. Chavez would be better immortalized and with signage on I-5, it seems to make more sense. Of course Portland Parks would then be on the hook for changing all its materials, but hey, it's just another tax payer expense so no problem.

So what are your thoughts? Do businesses on Grand Ave have legitimate concerns to not wanting the name change, or is this just another opportunity for City Hall to do whatever it pleases and these business owners should just 'breathe in, breathe out and move on'? After all, isn't a street by another name still the same street?

community discussion on CEIC-PPI agreements 08.Sep.2008 10:18

Laughing Horse laughing.horse.coop@gmail.com

Laughing Horse will be hosting weekly meetings on this topic.
Wednesday at 6pm at 12 NE 10th Ave.
see the calendar entry for more.