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note: IMCer arrested was W. from Portland Indymedia
note: IMCer arrested was W. from Portland Indymedia

? 02.Sep.2008 20:47


Can you share anything else? (Without compromising the person's security.)

What we know 02.Sep.2008 21:21


She was on the sidewalk and was suddenly surrounded by cops. Her last known condition was smiling like a champ.

Portland IMC journalist is out of jail, 02.Sep.2008 23:52


it's confirmed! Being charged with same as Amy Goodman, "felony, rioting"

All Arrested Protesters Should Call Me for Aggressive Defense 03.Sep.2008 10:40

stu sugarman quixote516@yahoo.com

I just want to make sure everyone in W's position, including W, knows I'm out here ready to fight the man. If there are groups of defendants, my many skilled buddies will help them out too. There is no charge for those heroines/heroes risking their freedom to protect all of our liberties. All it takes is a phone call or email.

stu sugarman


I'll remind her :) 03.Sep.2008 11:12


Thanks Stu, you're a superhero!