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Who's McCain Kidding? Palin's Baby is Her Grandaughter

Palin at
Palin at "7 months" with latest baby-no bump
Palin Pregnant in 1987-huge bump
Palin Pregnant in 1987-huge bump
The Daily Koz jusr ran a photo of Sarah Palin at supposedly "7" months pregnant with her Down's Syndrome baby. Only there's no BUMP. Every photo of her during that time period has been REMOVED from all Alaskan State websites. She, McCain, and the GOP are running some kind of major scam. She displays zero bump on every photo from that time. She's just covering for her daughter and her moron boyfriend ("I'm a redneck"). Watch the GOP withdraw this loser from nomination within a few days. No way they can sustain this phony story forever. Take a good look at the picture.