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Amy Goodman interviewed on release from jail

"Democracy Now" host Amy Goodman was arrested Monday during the demonstration outside the Republican National Convention. She was freed Monday night and we caught up with her. Here's her story:
See the video at the Chronicle:


nice that she's released 02.Sep.2008 06:07

theresa mitchell

'cause otherwise the headline should be TO ARMS

amy has been "processed" 02.Sep.2008 07:13

democracy now

and now she's a stealth operative for the democratic party

isn't it nice to live in a dumbacracy 02.Sep.2008 08:03

Ecotopian Yeti

I love Amerikan freedumbs

Yet the rest of the world stands by thinking "no it could never happen in Amerika." and no matter how much one tells other people outside the USA no one really understands the Amerikan Police State. Example I was explaining to an European the other day about watching a cop in Portland drive by a couple hugging in across from a bus stop in downtown Portland two weeks ago. The cop of course had to put his spot light up and down the couple, When i told that to the Europeans they were shocked and asked why. I told them "just typical harassment" or the time I was walking home in downtown Portland after playing chess with a friend at Coffee Time until three in the morning. A cop slowly drove by as i walked home in the rain and rolled down his window to ask "watcha doin?" and I responded with "goin home" in the same tone he asked me. Then he repeated "watcha doin" and I turn to his and said "goin home" again. He responded with "I am just asking". Ok those are not serious encounters but do reflect the fact we take for granted the Police State that other people in the world would be shocked by.

It's official - We live in a police state 02.Sep.2008 08:50

Brian the Green

I heard Amy this morning on "Democracy NOW". What the police and government do is freightening. As an experienced peaceful demonstrator, I continued to be dismayed by police violence against mostly non-violent activists. Not only do the cops arrest the press, but they do so with significant force (two - six huge cops jumping a woman!).

What's even worse - I scanned some corporate media sources this morning and there was no mention of the police arresting members of the press. Instead, the headlines were "Some turn violent in march to GOP convention" - They fail to mention that some of the some were the police.

So when are we finally going to say enough is enough 02.Sep.2008 09:02

Ecotopian Yeti

We have lived in a Police State for years.. ask anyone who is homeless or driving "while black"

So when are we finally going to wake up and say "Free Cascadia" oh wait Stephanie Miller just got the big scoop story on Demi Moore squirting breast milk on lesbians. That is why we are not up in arms. We have been bred and brainwashed to accept the Police State as normal and entertained to avoid the real social rights issues. So instead we prefer fluff news.

Amy Goodman live on Thom Hartmann show 02.Sep.2008 09:09

Ecotopian Yeti

Amy is on Thom's show right now

video of the arrest 02.Sep.2008 09:21

Tell the World "The American Police State"

This is "so-called democracy" for you. . .unbelievable. 03.Sep.2008 16:48

"Be the change" NOW!

We live in a f*cking sad excuse, sham of a country. There is no "freedom of speech". There is no justice. If this can happen to Amy Goodman do you think YOU are safe from their abuse and tyranny and free to 'speak your mind'?! How much coverage will this get on mainstream corpo tv/media? Slim to none no doubt. Civil liberties are down the toilet. Welcome to the police state. "Peace officers"- Dream On!! Talk about an oxymoron. People need to wake the hell up to the fact we are living under corporatist-fascism.

"Golden Age" or "Police State"? You be the judge. -  http://creepysleepy.com/crane/?p=672

Top Ten Signs Your Country May Be Going Fascist -  http://www.newsnet7.com/view/150/top-ten-signs-your-country-may-be-going-fascist/

~ peace

The Pathology of Pacifism 04.Sep.2008 14:31

Ward Churchill

MMDFIlUnVT 03.Nov.2008 18:54

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