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9.11 investigation | katrina aftermath

UK,US,Canada & mercs. to Hurricane Gustav zone: Klein's Shock Doctrine goes NWO (like 911)

Just apply what you learned about Klein's "disaster capitalism" and apply it to how national disasters are being utilized for more than just making a profit and for privatization of government public services under secretive powers: disasters are being utilized (and invented through state terrorism and response standdown) to create an NWO int'l response team without democratic checks and balances to handle 'local national' disasters. First 9-11 was dangerous. It was state-allowed terrorism & defense standdown combined with lies of the official story that 'justified' U.S. getting global flight jurisdictions and personnel databases internationally as well as internally. These have only been utilized to erect a surveillance fascism and attack politicians and millions of citizens that the Bush's don't like by denying them air travel and watching them. Additionally, int'l NATO AWACS and Swedish Air Force were allowed by Bush to overfly U.S.A after 9-11. Second, in the hurricane zone of Katrina, let's remember they WANTED a disaster caused by their lack of response, then then they could seize guns and killed civilians and clear New Orleans of Black Americans without undue concern because it wasn't the hurricanes that did New Orleans damage. The intentional lack of human response and the dynamiting of the barriers did the damage to let in the water during the "NWO shock doctrine" of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Last time, Russia, NATO, the Netherlands, and Mexico were armed and sent into the U.S. to deal with the 'terrible emergency' caused by intentional standdowns and state terrorism. Just apply Klein's shock doctrine to the NWO strategies. There you have it. Don't let it happen. Say no to the NWO global fascists.
1. U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM, first headed by General Eberhart, who stood down on 9-11 and allowed 9-11 to happen) has set up a command post ****for the military response**** [to a hurricane?] at England Airpark, in Alexandria, Louisiana.

2. Canada has sent one of its four enormous transport planes, Boeing C-17 Globemasters, "to the region to assist with medical evacuations," according to Canwest News Service.

3. Canadian Forces medical personnel [are headed to Louisiana to] conduct a mass evacuation and assist U.S. medical personnel with any medical issues over there."

4. British military's "Royal Navy Warship HMS Iron Duke and Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel Wave Ruler have now arrived in the vicinity of the Cayman Islands, ready to render assistance if required in the wake of Hurricane Gustav," according to Cayman Net News.

5. But perhaps the most startling call for forces comes from Blackwater, the controversial prviate security contractor. The firm -- which famously patrolled New Orleans after Katrina -- is "compiling a list of qualified security personnel for possible deployment into areas affected by Hurricane Gustav,".... looking for current sworn law enforcement officers, with "arrest powers" and "armed status (must indicate Armed and/or Semi Auto. Revolver only not accepted)." The firm is also looking for "current/active/licensed/registered armed security officer[s]," but "only from the following states: OR, WA, CA, NV, NM, AZ, TX, FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, MD, IL, OK." [in other words, from all the states around Louisiana and only from out of state--no locals. They want an occupation force that follows orders and doesn't care about the locals, instead of a citizen militia.]


learn from the past few years of this pattern:

Title: U.S. invaded by Mex.,Canada, Dutch, German, Russian: exceptions to Posse Commutatus Act...
Author: northcom quoter
Date: 2005.09.18 06:35
Description: "Hey, no one told us international NATO military guys at Northcom we can't use foreign troops to invade--to get around the American Posse Commutatus ban against domestic troops...." Actually, Northcom has a well placed list of exceptions on the Northcom.mil website, already planned out: here's a list of already set up "exceptions" they mention to the Posse Commutatus Act. Expect these "exceptions" to be utilized by Northcom--or invented--as a context for further internationalized martial law in the U.S.A. "as the HAARP turns." However, Americans are well within their rights to conduct immediate citizens arrests of major Northcom figures, and these military figures get two years jail automatically: Section 1385 of Title 18, United States Code (USC), states: "Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the Army or Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both." Since Congress DID NOT authorize this action--the only way it could fathomably occur--and it doesn't fit in their legal exceptions mentioned below we are to conclude fairly that Northcom's actions after Hurricane Katrina are a breach of the Posse Commutatus Act as well as a treasonous act combined, and we may conduct citizens arrest of major Northcom figures RIGHT NOW. Who wants to organize the PR for that?

Title: International Troops of NORTHCOM activated for martial law in Katrina areas!
Date: 2005.09.01 02:51
Description: god, they are so devious. This is real. International troop cohorts in the USA authorized as the mobilized groups for martial law in Katrina aras by "our" Pentagon. " The [neocon] Federal Emergency Management Agency asked the [neocon] Pentagon to activate its [neocon INVENTED] U.S. Northern Command's JOINT TASK FORCE in case troops were needed... We're gonna be reinventing New Orleans," said Bill Lokey, regional director of FEMA. [It's easier to do that once we have destroyed it, you see.]" The attempt to crumble the Posse Commutatus cookie has an internationalist feel...


NORTHCOM's invention as a mega supranational military organization encompassing Canada, the United States, and Mexico "jurisdiction" as a WAR PLANNING theatre without borders over the whole North American continent--was "JUSTIFIED" in its invention OFF the BOGUS "9-11 OFFICIAL STORY."

So 9-11 was just another "NWO shock doctrine" integration really.


Title: 9-11 NAU CFR-Enabled "Revolution From Above": Destroy U.S., Mexico, Canada for NAU/Ameros
Author: Leland Lehrman with comments and links
Date: 2006.07.08 09:14
Description: 9-11 related issues are that state terrorist perpetrators on the American side are involved in this same Fourth Reich/CFR "revolution from above": wearing different hats as the same profiteers getting rich off insurance fraud in 9-11 controlled demolitions of the WTCs and WTC7, while simultaneously moving whole North American continent a rightless, "de-legislatured and de-Constitutionalized" police state. The "North American Union", more euphemistically is the Bush family's and CFR plans for a microwave RFID driven Fourth Reich one-party police state. They are on record planning to submerge the U.S. Constitution below, as well as statements in public that the whole Congress should be "overruled" and voided by such appointed NAU people. They plan to take all North America--Mexico, United States, Canada--while voiding all three of their democratic legislative institutions (however thin), voiding all three of their currencies, and voiding all three of their pro-consumer/worker regulations policies, and voiding judicial frameworks (they even want a NAU unelected "court!"--to drive everybody toward lowest common denominator. It's all wrapped in the already established continental wide military of NORTHCOM--really NATO staffed--now occupying North America. This NATO overlordship started the day of 9-11, with NATO AWACS (and planes straight from the Swedish military on 9-11) authorized to overfly U.S., authorized by Bush. If NORAD stood down to let 9-11 happen, it did so to justify the expansion of their military dictatorship in the making into NORTHCOM over Mexico, United States, and Canada--where all future "terror attacks" and "terror response" (and what kind of response) is under an international NATO staff.


The U.S. is not capable of providing enough police and military to protect it's people in the face of a hurricane without using heavily armed mercenaries [and international troops]?

Something is very, very wrong.

Posted by: Ben | Aug 31, 2008 12:50:40 PM

Ben said:

--The U.S. is not capable of providing enough police and military to protect it's people in the face of a hurricane without using heavily armed mercenaries? Something is very, very wrong.--

welcome to 'legion makes Caesar' policy of Romans.

Posted by: jhg | Aug 31, 2008 1:13:29 PM


Don't look away. It's real.

The day will come soon when you will have to fight this.

See the film below as a refresher on Naomi Klein's arguments about the intentional detabalization of the shock doctrine, for profit, privatization--and I would add, for international NWO fascism:

The Shock Doctrine by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein
DIRECTED BY JONÁS CUARÓN. Alfonso Cuarón, director of "Children of Men", and Naomi Klein, author of "No Logo", present a short film from Klein's book "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism."  http://www.shockdoctrine.com
6 min 47 sec