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Dependable, committed volunteers needed for The Portland Alliance.
This kills fascists. Just point and shoot.
This kills fascists. Just point and shoot.
We are in need of writers, artists, proof readers and office help.

If you like to write and see journalism as an activist tool, please contact us. The Alliance is undergoing a radical reformation, please join us. I need you!

Topics we need covered are:

@Queer and Transgender issues
@Anti-capitalist, anti-fascist activism
@Immigration, anti-racist activism
@Radical organizing in the police state
@Sustainable living/permaculture/anarcho herbalism
@Eco-activism/forest defense
@Radical parenting/radical education
@Alternative health care
@Indigenous issues
@Gender issues

Marlena Gangi
Editor, The Portland Alliance

phone: phone: 503.239.4991

I miss Dave 29.Aug.2008 12:05

(former Alliance editor)

Dave did a great job of bringing many activists together under the Alliance banner. Wish he was still around!

Also need 29.Aug.2008 15:14

Marlena Gangi en_lucha@riseup.net

covered in the Alliance:

@Poverty activism
@Class war