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ABC newsman arrested by police in Denver

Watch the video, even ABC can't watch lobbyists at work
This is not appearing on corporate news, except on ABC's website. We expect them to harass and assault protesters, but news reporters from corporate news??? This is startling. Even more interesting is the lack of mainstream news coverage about it. Why doesn't Obama or Joe speak out about freedom of the press? Oh yeah, maybe THEIR lobbyists wouldn't like it.

here is link 28.Aug.2008 11:52


oops 28.Aug.2008 16:07


It's a serious fuck-up and embarrassment when they do this kind of thing. ABC, or at least the professionals working inside it, are liable to retaliate one way or another. That's really the only thing stopping the cops from doing it all the time.

Cigar? 28.Aug.2008 16:46


Was that one cop smoking a cigar? Priceless!
Maybe ABC will report on other unjust arrests now!

Foul 28.Aug.2008 18:38

Joe Anybody

Where is the 1st amendment?

Oxymoron Democratic Convention Joke

Upside-down backward - police-state


Supressing The Media @ The DNC
Supressing The Media @ The DNC