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Black Helicopters: Sizer Ineffectual

DoD Black Helicopters put egg on Rosie Sizer.
Wednesday night 9:45 pm SE Portland. The DoD Black Helicopters just flew by my house. They were flying East to West along SE Powell Blvd. We saw three of them.

Earlier today, PPB Chief Rosie Sizer release information that she had requested the helicopters restrict their operations to the Jentzen Beach area. She stated that the DOD crews were being cooperative.

This is how much the DoD respects local officials and populations.

Were you just too blissed out with the opportunity to play "in bed" with these macho SEALS, Rosie, to see how they will walk all over you? How 'bout you Tommy boy?

another sighting 27.Aug.2008 23:34

free cascadia

Something just buzzed us real low and fast going south near 205 and east burnside. We could see a blinking red light but not much else. It was really loud. This was at 11:28pm

Jot down documentation and pursue it tomorrow! 27.Aug.2008 23:42


I sense a very disjointed response to this helicopter bullshit, but it seems that the Oregonian has a couple of people on it. We know how useless Joseph whatever his name was in the publicity effort re Nobel Resolve, completely deceiving the 911 T movement and then jumping ship to defend the drills, etc. The new writers may be different.

Otherwise, I would recommend filing your info with OregonTruthAlliance.org, and there you will get much more empathetic, dedicated response!

. 27.Aug.2008 23:55


> Wednesday night 9:45 pm SE Portland. The DoD Black Helicopters just flew by my house. They were flying East to West along SE Powell Blvd. We saw three of them.

And there still flying back and forth in that area. As of 11:40ish and 11:55ish.

Must be fun training how to "deal" with cities "like" Portland.

'Better to light a candle—under city officials—than to curse the darkness' 28.Aug.2008 11:36


It IS better to light a candle—under city officials—than to curse the darkness with black helicopters making Portlanders think Blackwater bullies are taking over the city. That the "fusion" of local police, sheriff's deputies and DOD rent-some-bullies has been accomplished, as many will rightly begin to suspect. That this kind of exercise—particularly now at night—is designed to accustomed Portlanders to military rule, as many more will begin to suspect, especially with the revealing remarks by city officials that they had good reasons for not warning residents. National Security secrets as an excuse won't cut it. Some of us have begun to believe that the DoD, with this city's cooperation, is out to terrorize "Little Beirut" into ending its defiant stances against the Bush regime via past demonstrations by anti-war/pro-impeachers.

Firefighters have designated places to learn how to be first responders. Hospital mercy copters also have designated places to do the same. So we're expected to believe that the DoD/Blackwater/special ops don't have places to "rehearse" in all the bases taxpayers have provided for them. That they with all those billions cannot build a simulated city for which to carry on these exercises?

Further, if this was an Army or Navy "show," why didn't those copters bear their insignia? That they were painted black strongly suggests that the Blackwater bullies were arriving to take over the city—especially as reported 2 days ago, the copters had men in black with AK's seemingly ready to land. Wednesday's "exercise" over on the East side of town strongly indicates they were wary of buzzing The Pearl or SW Hills because of outrage/fear voiced by the monied and influential folk. Must mean that in a

To learn after the fact that the Mayor and other city/county knew all about this and meekly acquiesed to such goings- should require more than letters to the Oregonian. It should require people appearing before City Council on Wednesday mornings to demand they give a full account of how come they wimped out to the DoD and how come they didn't care enough about us to give us fair warning. Ultimately, there are the alternatives of the vote and of recall petitions.

Ergo, let's light a candle under those city officials who gave the DoD permission to terrorize us, as of Wednesday, in darkness.