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Feds Raid Long Haul Infoshop

UCPD And Feds Ransack Berkeley Activist Community Center
Feds Raid Long Haul Infoshop
Wed Aug 27 2008

UCPD And Feds Ransack Berkeley Activist Community Center
http://www. indybay. org/newsitems/2008/08/27/18530407. php

At around 10:30am, 5-6 Officers made there way into the Long Haul
Infoshop and broke down every door and stole every single computer on
the property. Computers taken including those used by the Slingshot collective and
East Bay Prisoner Support. The police also raided cabinets, cut locks and
scattered sorted mail.

People arrived after being informed of the situation, and demanded that the police
show a warrant. The police said they would show one once they were done, and they
Both ..CopWatch and ..The Berkeley Daily Planet were there to cover the incident.

The departments involved were 4 UC, Berkeley cops, 1 Alameda County Sheriff, and 1
Federal agent.

The police never explained the reason for the raid other than that the computer
equipment "may have been used to commit a felony".

This is the first time the infoshop has been raided.