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Over 50 activists in Sweden storm monkey testing laboratory

Early monday morning a vivisection laboratory in the Stockholm area was stormed by anti vivisection activists
It has been reported that an animal testing laboratory in Stockholm was stormed on monday morning. During an early morning demonstration, around 60 activists alledgedly rocked the gates and forced them open. Activists apparently flooded inside the compound with banners and megaphones. Monkeys could be seen in their cages waiting to die, with workers in Biohazard suits spraying down some empty cages. No damage was done and the police allowed everyone to leave, but later Swedish police trapped activists in a subway, forcing all trains to bypass the station and not let anyone on or off. Activists were searched, photographed and had details taken.

The Swedish media picked up the story immediately, headlining newspapers and local news channels. No arrests were made but there are various claims that the police are now investigating criminal damage and tresspass offences.