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Protest the Black Helicopters Harassment

The Black "Special Ops" Helicopters are due back tonight! Here's how we can protest.
The Navy SEALS and PPB are, according to published accounts, are due back tonight for further Harassment. "The military and Police must have practice in controlling us." Check out the newest US Military Command "NorthComm". These flights are practice for the military to operate within US cities against US Citizens.

As the Black Death Machines fly over tonight, I urge Portlanders to shine flashlights on these that wish above all else to remain hidden in the shadows (low light operations). Let them know you are watching them.

Contact City Council!! 27.Aug.2008 13:29


Potter should be removed from office. Let's hope Adams is not as much of a bootlicker to the Feds!

Sam Adams,  commissionersam@ci.portland.or.us - 503-823-1120
Erik Sten,  info@erikforportland.com - 503-823-3589
Dan Saltzman,  dsaltzman@ci.portland.or.us - 503-823-4151
Randy Leonard,  randy@ci.portland.or.us - 503-823-3001

Mayor Potter,  jdoussard@ci.portland.or.us - 503-823-4120

Hm, harass the harassers 27.Aug.2008 13:31

Working Class Mama

Maybe put signs on our roofs, shine spotlights in their eyes(if you got 'em), and tell them just what you think of them flying over your house with a bullhorn. Let them know we are not afraid to fuck their day just like we do when the president comes around. Don't forget to video tape the whole thing!

An enlightened perspective, on the city's position... 27.Aug.2008 15:38


from a fellow activist~~<br><br>

Unacceptable belligerent exercises no matter how many other cities fell for the DoD's lies and assurances. Unacceptable imposition on the people of Portland. Unacceptable noise levels and dangerous flight patterns.<br><br>

Unacceptable show of military might that looks very much like a demo of what's in store for the civilian population. <b>Unacceptable secret deal-making by various city officials -- particularly those who are political appointees and therefore unaccountable to the people.</b><br><br>

Unacceptable levels of gullibility and naive trust in the stated intentions of a government of lying madmen who have already built a complete legal and physical infrastructure right out of the "Martial Law for Dummies" user manual.<br><br>

And an unacceptable reply from Ms. Ames, casually mentioning that more of these assaults are scheduled for Portland and Salem. And she'll be sure to give the public prior notice when this happens again. Nothing unusual; don't know what they're training for but it's all honest and above board and blah, blah, blah...

Potter's "response" 27.Aug.2008 16:47

Mort O. Cochons

First of all, take a look at this tv news clip from Denver, where these exercises were conducted a couple of months ago. Note that the identical "communication breakdown" occurred there and the public was not informed until AFTER the exercises started:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX6u8kqL5Z8

Here is the text of an email I received from Tom Potter in response to my email to him expressing my concerns as a resident of downtown. Notice that he is sorry the helicopters "disturbed" me (LOfuckingL!):

"Thank you for emailing about the helicopter maneuvers on Monday night.

I am sorry to know that the helicopters disturbed you. With the City's permission and in coordination with the Portland Police Bureau, U.S. navy helicopters flew low over Portland Monday evening in a training exercise that the Department of Defense routinely conducts in large cities across the country. The helicopters received permission from the FAA for these low-level flights, and the owners of the buildings involved were also contacted for their permission. the involved agencies initially agreed with us that the public would be informed prior to the exercise, but this did not happen to our satisfaction.

A second exercise is scheduled for tonight, and residents living between the airport and Waterfront Park in downtown Portland may hear or see helicopters at that time.

Thank you again, for emailing.


Tom Potter

Potter and Sizer made this agreement without the participation or even knowledge of the Commissioners. There have to be consequences for this outrageous abuse of power.

Glad to see he knows how to email! 27.Aug.2008 17:10


John Doussard probably had to do it for Potter, though. How did you learn of the decision-making process, and that City Council was cut out of the loop? Please visit www.oregontruthalliance.org and share your information/correspondence.

This might be related to the grants that Portland has been getting from Homeland Security for the past 5+ years, and that is something that should be researched and publicized.

Potter should be removed from office!!

Correct me if I'm wrong. 28.Aug.2008 05:29

Bill me later

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Tom Potter help get the FBI Joint terrorism task force kicked out of Portland. I saw the helicopters too and I'm not for it, but I'm not sure if we can blame Potter. Honestly I like Potter, since he took office the number of PPD involved killings has gone down.

ok Potter invited them 28.Aug.2008 06:27

bill me later

Sorry I was wrong, I missed the other thread. You indymedia folks might want to consider merging all the threads on this topic.