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POLICE STATE OF MIND Black Helicopters Over Portland

An opinion on the recent DOD buzzing of Portland Oregon by many black Helicopters

Black Helicopters Over Portland

by Clyde Lewis

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you." --Robert Anton Wilson

On Monday, August 25th, 2008, I presented a Ground Zero Lounge about the possibility of a police state being declared in Denver if protestors rioted at the Democratic National Convention. It featured the Denver International Airport and the Masonic, religious and apocalyptic symbolism throughout the huge mural on the wall there and on other artwork throughout the building.

As I was preparing to go on stage at Dante's, I was called out of the bar by security guards. I wondered what was wrong.

"Come outside, Mr. Lewis. There is something that you should see."

I stepped out into the street, where, all along the curb, people scanned the sky with alarmed expressions. I thought that perhaps they were seeing some anomaly or UFO in the sky. "What's up?" I asked. "I don't see anything."

One security guard said, "Shhhh, listen!"

I heard a faint sound, rather like a lawn mower. As the sound got closer it drowned out the sounds of the downtown Portland streets.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There were two low-flying black helicopters buzzing rooftops and dropping armed soldiers on top of buildings. The only time I had seen anything like this before was in an Alex Jones documentary.

MH-6M "Little Bird" light assault choppers buzzed Portland in a Department of defense excercise that frightened residents. Photos by Keith Casper

As a journalist specializing in various conspiracy theories, one can only report what others say they have experienced. I have interviewed many people who describe incidents of harassment by black helicopters, and wondered whether it was truly harassment or some paranoid delusion.

After witnessing the low flyovers, the men with guns riding the choppers, and the looks of fear on the faces of the people, I decided that what I was witnessing was most definitely harassment.

The irony of the whole affair was that as the Helicopters were circling the city I could hear Michelle Obama on television shouting "I love America!" from her pulpit.

I gathered my thoughts and presented my show. I'd had no idea that it would include a soundtrack of martial law commandos in my own backyard!

For the first 20 minutes everyone had to talk about what they had witnessed, with fear and anger in their voices. I even detected a hint of accusation from one drunk punk who thought that I was overreacting and that the "urban warfare" drill was obviously for our own good.

I am sure that many Americans feel that way: that we should welcome a police state because it is "for our own good." We have stood idly by as the surveillance state expands and the military-industrial complex slowly dissolves the Posse Comitatus Act. We shrug and say that the FISA act is also for our own good. It doesn't matter that our phone conversations are monitored as just another George W. Bush act of treason, or that Barack Obama, the messiah of change, supports it as he smiles and waves from the safety of a TV screen while a group of agents provocateurs plot his assassination.

What kind of America are we enabling? Is our fear of terrorism so great that we now just allow black helicopters to swoop in, practicing operations that will confiscate our weapons and aid in usurping our constitutional rights?

I acknowledge that there was a high volume of complaints lodged at Port of Portland about the apparent urban warfare, but did anybody pay attention?

I know that what is done is done. People were not harmed so it can be rationalized as being necessary as part of our ongoing fight against tyranny and terrorism.

But black helicopters are the very representation of tyranny and terrorism. As a reporter of that which is ridiculed as crank theory, I have been told that the buzzing of a black helicopter in my neighborhood is just another reminder that a "strike force" for the New World Order looms. After listening to the speeches of our Presidential hopefuls, I am beginning to believe that the "strike force" has begun to establish itself in many urban areas so that you will remember not to step out of line lest the jackboot kick you right in the teeth.

Before you tell me that I am overreacting, imagine what it would be like if someone pulled every fire alarm in the building at your workplace. People would run to the exits because there had been no mention of a drill. The fire department would show up and have to investigate every nook and cranny of your offices in order to ascertain the safety of the building. It would be uncomfortable, unproductive and distracting, and if they caught the person responsible for alarming everyone, he would be disciplined or perhaps taken into custody.

Then, suppose you found out that the person responsible all along was your boss, who thought it would be in your best interest to be shocked and traumatized into becoming more aware of safety concerns.

Some would say "It is a good thing" because they don't want to upset the boss. There are others who would silently curse the event because it wasted valuable work time and caused unnecessary worry.

The Department of Defense was responsible for alarming Portland residents with an unannounced exercise. They flew their threatening black helicopters at treetop level. They were dropping soldiers from the choppers on to rooftops and drowning the citizens in terrifying noise, giving them the idea that something terrible was happening to their city.

The helicopters were MH-6M "Little Bird" light assault choppers, designed for insertion and extraction transport. They are modified for special covert operations, especially those in urban areas where they can land in tight spots. They would be perfect for riot situations, because they can be modified to carry weapons and personnel. Most of the activities that are associated with these small helicopters are "Special Operations" exercises.

These "exercises" were practice runs for all-out martial law. They were being done just in case something of "crisis level" threatens the security of the city of Portland.

Nathan Potter of the U.S. Department of Defense claims that 180 people from both the Army and Navy are participating in a joint exercise to acquaint troops with an unfamiliar urban setting. He says that these exercises familiarize troops with traffic patterns, high-intensity infrastructure and high-rise buildings.

So this is why the helicopters were buzzing predominantly black neighborhoods like the Albina District and Martin Luther King Boulevard? Or the politically active waterfront communities of notoriously liberal Portland?

I won't say what this indicates to me. I'll leave you to decide what the drill was about. A drill that was simultaneously being conducted during a speech of a potential future first lady who just happens to be a black woman.

But of course there is nothing really going on. You can go back to sleep and pretend that "black helicopters" do not exist and that the DOD exercises have to be conducted in front of a fearful public in order to restore confidence and order. The level of civil unrest that precedes declarations of martial law needs only one flashpoint, and there are plenty of opportunities to create one during both the Democratic and Republican conventions.

Move along...nothing to see here.

Be sure and listen to the Ground Zero Lounge where the story unfolded during the presentation and witnesses tell their stories:


"No Cause for Alarm" 27.Aug.2008 05:15

Granny M.

"It's nothing to worry about, city and federal officials insisted Tuesday. And, by the way, you might see more of the same tonight.

There is "no specific threat" to the Portland area, Lt. Nathan Potter said. Rather, the Defense Department chose the city because it is unfamiliar territory.

"We routinely train in places that we're not familiar with," he said. "The first time our guys are in a large, unfamiliar city, it should not be in combat."

---from the Oregonian

?? the first time ??...
I can hardly wait to see what fun and games they have planned for 'The Second Time'

It just gets more insane by the minute.

we have been had 27.Aug.2008 09:07


welcome to PSY OPS 101

they are testing our reactions,
and acclimating us to these actions:
the actions of a POLICE STATE.

who's to say they won't set something off tomorrow and shut down the entire city?
what would you do then?


Between the housing crisis, the destroyed economy, and the psychopaths in the white house, this country is DONE.

The new currency? SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE. Prepare well.

have to agree with 'x' 27.Aug.2008 11:52

theresa mitchell

A previous comment regarding radio difficulties during a fly-by may indicate that sine-wave jammers were being tested. A jammer is handy when you want to prevent someone for calling for help with a cell phone.

These men were likely brought in Saturday night on a C-131 that landed at Evergreen. I wonder if they are here to prevent the likely public reaction, had the assassination squad succeeded in killing Obama. (The press has repeated claims that the shooters were merely 'meth-heads,' but they had obviously been given special privileges already given their conviction and prison stats. The idea that they should not be charged with attempted assassination is ludicrous, and may in itself represent a threat to the Obama camp. Anyone with high-powered rifles and disguises and radios at a national convention obviously intends assassination.)

Since there was no assassination, perhaps the heli-troops will merely "drill." Or it may be that tonight they will find some pretext to do what they are drilling for--abduction, assassination, and intimidation. As Naomi Klein pointed out in her book "Shock Doctrine," it is unnecessary to kill any substantial portion of a peaceful population in order to intimidate. The public and messy disposal of a couple of well-known people is adequate to stifle dissent in a big way (as Pinochet and the anthrax mailer both knew).

If they can "drill," so can we. Some activists would be well served to take a trip this afternoon: put your usual cellphone in a usual place, and leave it there; get another phone if necessary; pack what you need for a stayover. It's up to us to do the things that acknowledge the fascist state we live in while not giving in to fear.

Urban warfare tactics as used by Special Forces are exposed on various Web sites. For myself, I ask the following questions: How far am I willing to go to avoid detention? What preparations are adequate? What is the countermeasure likely to be?

Another commenter on Indymedia threatened the use of a .22 rifle. There are several things wrong with that: (1) If they don't fire first, they will universally be recognized as innocent victims assaulted while protecting the public, (2) they are wearing armor and a .22 isn't enough to penetrate, and (3) they will fire back with superior weaponry. The threatened use of a rifle is already enough pretext for bearing live ammunition tonight, which makes me wonder if the threat was a plant from the neocons.

why are you worried... 27.Aug.2008 11:55

morris the cat

...about the police? You colonials really are foolish people. You depend on the police for
protection. Why? These puffed-up brownshirts cannot lick their own lips.

obviously, it must be some sort of shadowy conspiracy 27.Aug.2008 12:15

me again

because it simply could not be yet another aspect of the very visible general trend of an increasingly militarized society.

me and my little maps 27.Aug.2008 15:27

don't forget the can opener

not that i'm opposed to escapism as such ...

but where are you planning to escape to?

and if you know someplace to go that's better than this, why don't you just go there now?

Thanks for nothing Tom Potter 28.Aug.2008 02:47

Terraphim terraphim@gmail.com

It's ever so lovely to note that Tom Potter invited this psyop to my beloved city.
So they want to test our reaction to the "boot stomping on a human face"? I say we start by giving Tom Potter a metaphorical boot in the ass.
He gave them the requested permission needed to scare the shit out of the public, and people are gonna roll over and let him get away with it...AGAIN?
No, he is our representative of the Portland people. About time we let him know that.

From the desk of Tom Potter.

April 7, 2008

Captain Scott P. Moore

Commanander [sic], Naval Special Warfare Development Group

1636 Regulus Avenue

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23461

Dear Captain Moore

I am pleased to extend you an invitation to conduct Urban Military Training in our City from August 17 to 30, 2008.

In a letter from your command, dated November 14, 2007 requesting permission to conduct training, you stated that members of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group and Army Special Operations Aviation Regiment would utilize buildings in the jurisdiction of the City of Portland for this training exercise. I understand that this training will include low visibility movement, military operations in urban terrain, manual and low weight explosive breaching, fast rope insertion, live fire, low power training ammunition, simmunitions, flash bang, surveillance and counter surveillance.

I have been informed that all training has been coordinated through and approved by all involved government entities, as well as the representatives/owners of each property, and that all liability for your personnel and their actions during training rests with the Navy. I have also been informed that extensive planning and coordination has already been conducted and that Sergeant Mike Lieb of the Tactical Operations Division will act as liaison for this exercise.

I welcome the opportunity to support the United States Navy as you develop the techniques and tactics necessary to protect our country. We look forward to your group having a safe and productive training exercise in our City.


Tom Potter



To contact Mayor Tom Potter:
* Mayor Potter's 24-Hour Opinion Line: 503-823-4127
* Mayor's Office Front Desk: 503-823-4120
* FAX: 503-823-3588

By Mail:
* Office of Mayor Tom Potter
1221 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 340
Portland, Oregon 97204

I cannot find his e-mail at this time, but so much the better, because only he would deal with it.
What I call for is to overload the machine operated opinion line. Annoy anyone operating the Mayors front desk. Bombard their fax if you can.
They want to test our reaction to this? They will, and they'll be sorry. We can drill so much creative annoyances into them through peaceful means and still get our point across. WE are the citizens, THEY work for US! It's way past time they realize that.
Perhaps another sit-in at the mayors office is in order.

Black helicopters are just a conspiracy theory 28.Aug.2008 18:45


If these helicopters didn't land on the front page of The Oregonian and people were posting that they'd seen them, people would be commenting that 'black helicopters' are just conspiracy theories by paranoids. These things have been written about since the early 80s and no matter how much documented proof (photos, testimony, ex-military types admitting they'd been involved with black helicopters), it was all just a big, paranoid conspiracy theory. ...Until one day the nay sayers saw it on the 5:00 news on front of The Oregonian.

That's what the NWO police state will be like. One big crazy conspiracy theory until the day the ignorant masses see the Blackwater guards smash through their door, rape the women, loot their valuables, and beat the shit out of anybody who tries to stop them.

Wake up people. The conspiracy to create a NWO, fascist police state is real. I was in denial until I saw Bush Sr. give his famous speech about how Iraqis "took babies out of incubators and threw them on the floor" with a tear in his evil, soulless eye. How anybody can remain ignorant to what is really going on in 2008 is just mindboggling.

"What luck for the rulers that men do not think!" - Adolf Hitler

you can email tom potter here 31.Aug.2008 13:05

sal sunderland

photo of helicopter 31.Aug.2008 16:07


what i happened to snap on 8/27/08

I understand your frustration 20.Aug.2013 11:53

Juan Montez monto51@yahoo.com

Even the TSA that wastes out time and exposes us to needless radiation has added a new wrinkle. They are called, VIPR, or VIPER, as it is pronounced. They look like Black water types. They are armed, and they patrol the airport, train stations, subways, looking for, "Suspicious" characters. Stop and frisk on a national level. And don't get me started on chemtrails. After listening to Paul Hillyer's testimony on the secret government's agenda and then no media coverage of any kind, I've come to think we are in the last fifteen minutes of a Bond movie. There really is an evil mastermind. I know you and I aren't the only ones. Aren't powerful people out there working on our behalf. I know. Wishful thinking, but I don't think it'll be as easy as they think. Maybe there's still time to cut the green wire, save the day, and make out with the girl. Or guy, or whatever the case may be. I like reading your stuff. I don't feel so alone out here after reading you.