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Pacific Green Candidate opposes war

Michael Meo for 3rd Congressional District is running on an anti-war platform.
Green candidate promises to not vote for war funding!

Meo calls for 'non-violent solutions' to international conflict.

Contact: Chuck Fall, press secretary: 503-484-5548.
Michael Meo, Pacific Green Party candidate: 503-335-8870

For immediate release
Portland, Oregon  Michael Meo, Pacific Green Party candidate for Oregon's 3rd Congressional District, is adamantly opposed to war. He's been opposed to war for a long time. When called up for the draft during the Vietnam War, he refused. " I refused the war in Vietnam and spent two years in a federal penitentiary. As a congressman I pledge to adhere to the same principles; I would oppose threatening war and using war in place of diplomacy."

Meo has entered the race because of Blumenauer's pro-war voting record. " Blumenauer says he opposes the war in Iraq, but on six occasions in the last two years he voted in support of the war," Meo said. "The voters in Oregon's Third Congressional District want an end to the war, yet Blumenauer is unconditionally signing onto the White House war policy in Iraq," said Meo.

Our Congress needs principled politicians with good ideas, says Meo. "We need to learn to live in peace. By reducing the United States arsenal, and pledging to reduce them further, we show our commitment to peace; we can build authentic democracy through cooperation instead of military might," said Meo.


Pacific Green Party is opposed to war 27.Aug.2008 15:50

Brian the Green


The Democrats are opposed to some wars, only when they become unpopular and costly.

Greens are opposed to all wars. There are no winners in war, both sides lose.

Glad to know the PGP is running a peace slate.

Time to get on the Peace Train - Vote Green!

Whatr is Michael Meo on..... 29.Aug.2008 07:50

Ecotopian Yeti

I always vote Green on issues and usually Green on candidates (Cynthia McKinney this year). But what is Michael Meo's view on bioregionalism and maybe even the idea of bioregional independence?

Is there a website yet?

impeachment 29.Aug.2008 22:51

I for J

Michael Meo has also joined the Individuals for Justice on Thursdays from noon-2 PM in front of Blumenauer's office, to urge our current " representative" to join the impeach movement.
Earl Blumenauer has so far refused to meet with our group, in spite of our frequent requests, and continues to oppose impeachment of Bush/Cheney.

Mike will get my vote come November.

Though I respect McKinney and Clemente my vote for president will go to Ralph Nader, who is a truly progressive candidate with a long history of social activism, fighting corporations and dedication to improve working class issues. At this time he is polling from 6-8%. To check out his platform go to www.votenader.org