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Portland Cops Pepper spray crowd

just another good photo of bad cops
Abused by cops with pepper spray
Abused by cops with pepper spray
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Larger photo
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Sorry, but I don't understand your photo 26.Aug.2008 22:47

Confused by what I am seeing

who? what? when? why? where?

March 25, 2003 - Illegal war started. 27.Aug.2008 00:08


who: legal and non violent protesters get pepper sprayed

where: Portland Oregon

when: The photo is dated on Flickr March 25, 2003 When the illegal war was started by bush and co. A war based on lies. A war promoted by the media in the USA. a war protected by the portland police who did not read the constitution about the freedom to speech

what: it is called activism, aka the opposite of apathy. I was in the streets trying to wake up america to the west.

why: because people are dying in Iraq to pay for your warm american lifestyle

how: get some friends you trust, make some signs, act with peace

got anymore good questions?

Yes, actually. I have another question... 28.Aug.2008 11:29


...Why post a random picture, related to nothing on the wire in particular, that is over FIVE YEARS OLD, giving NO INFORMATION at all about it, and expect it to appear topical or meaningful? Anyone wanna see a picture of my nice bicycle?..... Right. Movin' on.....