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Urban Military Training update

Communication failure apparently SOP with DOD.
We've been told that a simple miscommunication between locals and feds is to blame for the failure of anybody to notify the public of the "urban military training" exercises that took place in downtown and S.E. Portland last night. BULLfuckingSHIT! The same thing--the EXACT same thing--happened when this training was conducted in Denver in June. Watch this local tv news clip and you will swear they were reporting from Portland:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX6u8kqL5Z8

Now I finally get why the NRA is so hot for the 2nd Amendment.

Sam Adams office's explanation 26.Aug.2008 17:00


We have had many calls, as have other offices. And I too was
curious, very curious, last night. I thought there were just two
helicopters, not several, and have found out today that there were believed
to be 4. We are still checking on the specifics of the numbers.

It turns out it is a training exercise that is done in many large cities
throughout the country. It is above board, and had the City's permission,
though I did not know about it myself. I have been informed that it is not
announced ahead of time because it is considered sensitive information.

I also want to let you know that there will be more of this training on
Wednesday. This was a decision made by the Mayor's office, and not
informing the public was part of that decision.

I will also let you know that if approached for such an event again, or
something similar, we will certainly take into consideration how this
training went and how people responded.

When I get more information I will let you know what I learn.

real life? 26.Aug.2008 18:10


I just heard that the public was not informed because this action was supposed to "be like real life." REAL LIFE? Yeah? What is coming next. This is bogus. I do not accept this as something we must all get used to.

If this was a training exercise... 26.Aug.2008 18:37


Then the obvious question is:

Training for what?

training for new surveillance gear? 26.Aug.2008 20:59

Bad Juju

They are most likely using exoitic sensory gear and checking out the 'fine tuning' training for surveillance.
Also it sounds as if they need high deffinition from the sound of it. Could be anything from IR to LF by the discription of the physical arrays, the slow scanning speed and the minimal distances. Any reports of unusual radio or telephone interference? Unexplained electronic anomalies?

Power of the press 26.Aug.2008 22:09

Noble Resolve

Guess they wanted to keep it a secret, after the reception we gave Noble Resolve. he he