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Labor Day Events

What labor events are happening on Labor Day in Oregon?
Since the Day of the Haymarket Martyrs (a/k/a May Day) has been so diluted over the years (with the exception of a recent resurgence, thankfully, of a joint day to fight for labor and immigrants' rights), and since Labor Day has largely replaced May Day as a day for working people to come together, remember the past, and plan for the future, I am at a loss as to what activities are out there. Yes, the AFL-CIO is still doing their Labor Day picnic event, and that's a great opportunity for trade unionists and their families to celebrate a day off together. What else is happening, though? I can't seem to find anything, since for the majority of workers, a day off in September only means a day to have a barbeque and go to the beach for the day. Are there any radical and/or grassroots events happening? Please reply if you know of anything. Forgive me in advance if this is not the right forum, but I really don't know where else to start looking, and I'm kinda a noob at using indymedia. Thanks!