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! Puppy Mill Rescue, Parkersburg, West Virginia !

I'm writing to let you know about late breaking news from our Campaigns Team. Over the weekend, Best Friends partnered with teams from local and national organizations to remove more than 1,000 puppies and adult dogs from a puppy mill near Parkersburg, West Virginia.
Puppy puppy puppy behind prison bars
Puppy puppy puppy behind prison bars
This is wonderful news. Over one thousand animals were rescued from a horrible prison -- which makes me SO FUCKING ANGRY! that I was to scream. The people at Best Friends teamed up with local people to effect the rescue of over one thousand animals -- which makes me want to smile.

Check out the web pages on this rescue:


 link to editor.ne16.com

Details about their rescue:

 link to news.bestfriends.org

I can't stand it. I really just can't stand commercial enterprises that breed and warehouse animals, exterminating them when they're too old to sell only to breed another generation of prisoners who will suffer in cages all their lives only to meet death when they're no long so young, cute, adoreable, and profitable. It makes me FUCKING ANGRY!!!

Years ago Best Friends was a major part of the Feral Cat Aliance. As an unpaid U. S. Forest volunteer I had a problem on my hands when a camp known as "Camp Follows" was raided and the people living there were evicted, many of them abandoning their cats, leaving them behind in the Angeles National Forest because the people who were thrown off of the camp had no recourse but to live on the streets or in their cars.

So many cats were left behind that disease and starvation was a problem for them and with the humans gone and no longer able to feed them, the cats -- over 40 of them! -- were adversely impacting the fauna of the local region.

The United States Forest Service could not help. Animal Control could not help. The abandoned cats were the responsibility of no one -- no agency would take responsibility for the cats and it was left up to me, an unpaid, poverty-level volunteer to cry over the fate of these cats. I searched for any shelter or any volunteer group that could help and the only people who could was the Feral Cat Alliance (now called Best Friends.)

Despite their own shelters being full to capacity and despite difficulty with funding, the Alliance met me in the forest, bringing food, equipment, AND COMPASSION with them. They evaluated the situation, developed a capture plan, and over the next couple of weeks they rescued something like 40 animals, all of the survivors.

Their latest recuse effort exceeds by two orders of magnitude the fantastic work they accomplished in the Angeles National Forest. I love it when I see people committed to DOING SOMETHING getting the hell off their chairs, setting aside their keyboards, and taking to the streets, the mountains, the trees, where ever direct action is needed to right a wrong, and these Best Friends people are a group that I have come to love very dearly.

homepage: homepage: http://news.bestfriends.org/index.cfm?page=news&mode=entry&entry=F5370A0E-19B9-B9D5-9DC60133BDDDCE4F

Profiting off the misery of animals - 26.Aug.2008 13:31

What else is new

Please correct me if I am wrong but aren't these mills, if registered, suppose to be approved and routinely inspected by the USDA. Can you verify if this was a USDA approved puppy mill?

puppy mills in oregon 10.Nov.2008 07:35

detective daisy dog

In Oregon people are selling puppies with heart defects, worms, fleas, without AKC papers, while falsely advertising the puppies as healthy, show potential, vet exams, worming, registered AKC, blah, blah, blah. Guess what???? Animal Control officers are their neighbor's. Has this County or the world ever considered that puppy mills are a multi million dollar business and that these people have infiltrated into County positions to help protect the puppy millers?

Who do people turn to when the people you are suppose to report puppy mills to are actually neighbors of the mill.

There are 10,000 puppy mills in the US today and how many in Oregon have you heard of being overturned? Maybe 3 total?

New laws in Oregon need to happen to help protect these animals, and stiff punishments need to be given to these corrupt people that are neglecting to properly care for these animals that have no choice but to live in a cage. We should put these horrible people in a small cage and breed them over and over and over and over and over and over again until they die.