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Helicopters over Portland
Anyone know what's up with all the helicopters over portland this evening? We were downtown and they were swarming the buildings with cops/soldiers hanging off them. Now back in SE and they are flying over head. What's up?

Training exercise 25.Aug.2008 20:47


According to the Oregonian website:

"No, they're not coming to get you.

At least, that's the word from Portland police, who want the public to know that the black helicopters that began buzzing downtown at 7 this evening are part of a U.S. Department of Defense training exercise.

One by one, several choppers swooped over Southwest Broadway, landed briefly on the roof of a high rise and then resumed their flight."

We're seeing them, too 25.Aug.2008 21:15


w're in Southeast also and we've also been seeing them coming back and forth, maybe 7 or 8 times. coming in pairs. soldiers outside, facing out, possibly armed? smallish helicopters. wha is going on? its disconcerting.

another weird thing 25.Aug.2008 21:57


also, in the brooklyn neighborhood, around 13th and 14th between pershing and lafayette, directly underneath the flight path, a new sporty black volvo stopping and driving very slowly with a bald, white 30ish guy (driver) taking notes on a pad. oregon license 420 cze. what is going on? and if it's training, as was reported on the kgw website, why was/is it not clearly labelled as such? it's almost 10 on a monday night, and they're training unannounced 100 feet over residential areas?

Helicopters 25.Aug.2008 22:26


WTF - this is the sixth buzz over SE Foster and Powell neighborhood in the last hour! Two small hellicopters - Bell type - each one with a blue green light on bottom - flying together separated by about three helicopter lengths - flying parallel to Powell Blvd - East then West - about 100 to 200 ft high - at about 60 to 80 mph - too dark to see any identification markings - who are they and WTF are they doing buzzing a civilian population - damm - here they come again - 10:26 PM.

heli over portland 25.Aug.2008 22:27


I'm a pilot and checked to see if there are any TFRS (temporary flight restrictions) over portland and there are not any. Sometimes when there are important people in town, they'll have military protection and they'll have no fly zones over them. But, nothing on radar. Go away helicopters i'm trying to sleep!

Official story 25.Aug.2008 22:35


The airport customer service says the military is doing some training, and that she's gotten a great many calls about it. She's been told to log every complaint...call and complain!

Copters over downtown 25.Aug.2008 23:25


Yeah I think around 10:30 I went outside and saw them flying really low over downtown. It was freaky and other people made it sound like it had been going on for a bit.

It's probably just an excersize. But, if it weren't, that's definitely what THEY would say IT was.

Whether "IT" was genuine emergency or whatever..

INSIGHT 26.Aug.2008 10:37


I believe this was going down at the same time as the Denver Police attacking and detaining 100's of peaceful protesters last night...
were they trying to BAIT us?

someone pissed off enough with a snipe who may dare to shoot, so they can justify total lockdown??

Did anyone else notice: 26.Aug.2008 11:41

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

losing radio reception during flyovers?

We lost a baby-monitor, and our FM radio reception during the fly overs. perhaps that additional equipment is creating some interference.

With help from the brotherhood! 26.Aug.2008 13:04

Sack of Thumbs

Our local citizen supressors the PPD have helped coordinate this little rehearsal. A spokesperson for the training group said that they would rather have their boys train during a non-combat situation than the real thing. Interesting. So what exactly are they preparing for? They didn't bother to go public with the news until twenty minutes before they fired up the helicopters. I wonder if they did the same thing in Boston and New York?

You know, like a lot of American boys, I played "war" when I was a kid. But I grew out of it. It seems that some of those kids never grew up, and now there playing "war" with real machines, jumping along rooftops firing blanks into the sky and chasing an invisible enemy. I'm no psychologist, but this sounds to me like it may fall under some sort of mental development disorder. Cults are often labeled as having group disorders...why not Homeland [In]Security.

Papa Bush once referred to Portland as "little Beirut." As of yesterday it's looking one step closer to being just that.

An ongoing danger 26.Aug.2008 14:22

another liberal


" The training will include "low visibility movement, military operations in urban terrain, manual and low weight explosive breaching, fast-rope insertion, live fire" and other exercises according to a memo from Portland Mayor Tom Potter to the Navy's Special Warfare Development Group."

"Low weight explosive breaching, fast-rope insertion, live fire"??

Are you kidding me?

Please call Mayor Potter, who authorized this.

Mayor's Office : 503-823-4120

Police Chief Sizer: 503-823-0000

Why not take some notes? 26.Aug.2008 23:06


That KGW article indicates that these exercises will continue on Wednesday evening. Seems like a great opportunity to take some notes and photographs, since "they" aren't likely to share their own documentation. It will be interesting to see what kind of information we could pool together about their routes, locations, and actions. Heh one could even utilize google maps/earth to compile all of this information.

The following is a re post from another link 27.Aug.2008 08:21

Wanda Watt

You know, if the following posting has any merit, and I know we mostly believe that it does, where do you think the story line would most likely be challenged, where would the riots begin, and where are the feds most positioned to put such riots down massively?

Did Aurora Cops Foil a Government Conspiracy?
author: Jack Rubee
The news out of Denver gets fishier by the minute
When that Aurora, Colorado cop pulled over a car full of neo-nazis with a trunkload of sniper gear, did he inadvertently foil yet anothet government sponsored assassination plot? You have to wonder. A Colorado reporter with jail access swears one suspect told him they were going to kill Obama. But now NBC reports that a "Fed spokesman" said that it's probably "not an assassination plot". If you google this story, it's easy to see that "official" information is not only very limited, but contradictory. These guys were driving a brand new rented 2008 Dodge Ram. But they all had fake licenses. How and where did they rent this truck? A Fed is quoted as saying no one would be "able to trace where it was rented" because they used "fake licenses" to rent it. This makes no sense whatsoever. They're trying hard to paint these characters as just some scruffy meth-heads with delusions of nazi hero-hood. But where did they all get the excellent fake I.D. and custom sniper rifles and scopes? This seems a little beyond local penny-ante street nazis. And how did the police locate the others so quickly? They seemed to know right where to go. Twice. But the telltale sign of improbability has to be the fact that these people were wanted on major felony warrants. One of them had SIX. These guys were red hot as far as the law went. They were all facing long, long prison stretches as it was. Why on earth would they be cruising around a strange city with a trunkload of dope and guns and false I.D. and bulletproof vests and wigs? Death Wish? Why were these people even out on the street? One had just been busted for drugs recently, and was "out on probation". In the JFK murder, the forces at work utilized mafia hitmen for the actual shooting. It's not too far-fetched that they might use nazi gang types too. Watch this one closely. One Colorado paper even named the Aryan Nazi gang these people supposedly belong to, "Sons of Silence". Wouldn't surprise me if they all "jumped out of a six-story window" any time soon. What do you think folks?

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black helocops 30.Aug.2008 00:53

jsbach lonny_harner1@yahoo.com

Just the start, more to come, get used to it@

sons of silence 29.Dec.2008 21:44


the sons of silence are a outlaw motorcycle club not a neo nazi whosamawhatzit. some may be as you describe but that is not what they want to be described as or known for. trust me, aurora cops are as corrupt as they come and if they say things are a certain way you would be a fool not to question it. peace