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black helicpoters

are you seeing this?
Is anyone else watching the black helicopters fly low over southeast Portland right now? They are small and fast and going back and forth over Powell Blvd. There were four at first count, now there are only two. No numbers or insignia that I can see but my eyes are bad, as is my camera. They seem to be carrying some kind of instrument arrays (?). Anyone know who these people are or what they're doing?.. Besides making me vaguely uncomfortable?

Update: now they seem to be criss-crossing the neighborhood, though still too fast and low for me to photograph.

WTF? Over 25.Aug.2008 20:37

G. Gordon Libby

I've been watching them also. The two that continue the flights at well below 500 ft. definately have what look like sensor packages on their skids, unlike the one in the picture. They are flying in close formation and are the type of helicopters used for insertion of 4 man Special Operations teams as seen in anti-political drills as recorded and posted on Indy Media last year.

More Info From NE PDX 25.Aug.2008 20:43

Charlierbrown charlierbrown@gmail.com

I'm in NE near the grotto. We've heard at least 6 flyovers and I've been able to see the last 2. Each flyover I have seen had 2 helicopters like the one pictured. They are flying from approximately NNW to SSE and seem to be coming from the Air National Guard Base at the Portland Airport.

Looking for more information and found this post.

photos 25.Aug.2008 20:45


Do you have another foto? Maybe from the side?

It would give us a better idea of what they are and what they are doing.

Not yet 25.Aug.2008 20:54


Just north of Woodstock in SE. I haven't seen or heard anything.

helicopters 25.Aug.2008 20:55


I've noticed the helicopters and checked into indymedia to see if others had. There are 4 of them, flying low up and down SE Powell for the past hour.

Stand corrected 25.Aug.2008 21:25


Nevermind. Just heard them flying over. Twice.

Military helicopter maneuvers 25.Aug.2008 21:51


As KGW reports, the DOD is doing some kind of training over Portland, and no specifics have been released:

I personally find it very unnerving and wonder why they're taking up urban airspace, which is rather unusual. I have also been hearing increased activity over Vancouver, WA.

That's all I know. If anyone with information reads this, please share.


Yup, saw 'em 25.Aug.2008 22:46

Gateway Resident

I was in Gateway Fred Meyer rear parking lot (near MAX); saw the four fly from the direction of the airport south along I-205.

another pic 26.Aug.2008 00:09


another angle

This year sucks 26.Aug.2008 10:07

Working Class Mama

Just a couple months ago they were super low flying jets well after 10pm as part of a "training exercise". It shook my whole house several times. It was so loud and with a strange screaming pitch that even though I had several guests over and engaged in loud conversation, everyone went silent and just about panicked. It scared the crap out of my child too, who was asking why we were being bombed. These jerks need to learn that they can't just terrorize us like this. But what exactly can we do, besides blow them out of our sky(wouldn't be the first time it's happened in Oregon)? I filed a complaint, along with many others, with both the military and the airport noise division. (They were in violation of their own rules which state they can not do low flying night trainings beyond 10pm) Obviously they don't care and are at it yet again.

I would go to where they Land ... 26.Aug.2008 12:10

Sillouette Says Hughes 500's

With the wild antic aerobatics described above?

I would try to get pictures close enough for clear I.D.
The flying style you've described above is more of a
'Blackwater' flying style than the Military.

The Regular Military is usually fairly well regimented
in the proper operation of equipment and protocols. The
Gung 'Ho attitude of the 'Blackwater Mentality' is much
closer to the Rambo Syndrome that has intimidated and
offended regular troops in combat zones. They don't
appreciate the rogue style they know can offend the local
populations into hatred and a lack of cooperation in
general policing operations.

One Iraq Combat Chopper Pilot told me that these "Types"
mean the mercenary contingent, could fly rings around your
regular army Combat Pilots despite year of Military Training
and Tour Experience. The Mercenary element attracts the men
with the same mentality as a pittbull. Less thinking, and
more reaction.

Check it out, and see what you find?

Find someone in your group or a friend well versed in monitoring
radio communications. Go to locations they have developed patterns
of operating in. Place yourself in the practice area before they
normally operate, and surprise them with some candid shots of their
aircraft and videotape their operations in action.

There's nothing like a Camera to un-nerve someone who thinks they're
on top of things. It takes that attitude down a notch or two.