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Peace Activists Targeted By Right-Wing Vigilantes.

Peace activists have become the targets of attacks by right-wing thugs.
Local peace activists have recently been the victim of attacks and harassment by a number of unidentified vigilantes.

We've found our names, addresses and other identifying information posted on web-sites. Some of us have started receiving bills and collection letters from accounts we never opened, said Brenda from Portland.

Activists in Tacoma report having their homes vandalized, with windows broken and black paint poured over their property. Others from Olympia report being chased and attacked by vigilantes who threw light bulbs filled with battery acid at them as they walked down an Olympia street one night.
Local police have done little more than file a report, said Jeff from Olympia. There doesn't seem to be any real investigation into these attacks.

Cory, a peace activist from Tacoma stated that he's afraid for his personal safety. Right-wing vigilantes have identified several peace activists and we have become targets for harassment and violence. Every time we demonstrate or protest one of us gets attacked, and it's not just by the cops any more.

The harassment of peace activists seems to be rapidly increasing as more and more right-wingers join this vigilante movement.

Protestors and demonstrators beware. If you are identified and become a target of the vigilantes your life becomes a living hell.

Where to draw the peace line? 24.Aug.2008 08:54

Got my gun

If someone is throwing battery acid at you, that constitutes assault and attempted murder in every state in the country and you are allowed to defend your life. Get yourself a pistol, a concealed weapons permit, and some training and then shoot the next motherfucker who attacks you. It's clear that your lives are in danger. It's clear that the cops aren't going to help you (or are in on it, even). "D-I-Y" as they say.

off course 24.Aug.2008 09:23


They want you to be afraid to protest. They want you to hide. They want you to give up your beliefs to protect yourself. This is how they retain power. This is how they control the world. Not from violence, because eventually violence is self limiting. They control the world through the fear of violence.

It is you choice on how to respond. I won't fault you for however you make it, but I have given into fear on the past, and those times are my greatest regrets.

Consider a gun.... 24.Aug.2008 10:55


I know a lot of left-liberal, and even more "militant" folks hate guns...

But get over it. You CAN be gun-owner and not a nazi redneck at the same time. No one forces you to start listening to Limbaugh and vote republican when you buy a firearm. Guns aren't inherently evil. Just like big sticks, rocks and well-made German kitchen knives...it's what the person does with them that counts.

If more lefties carried guns, maybe people would think twice before fucking with them.

Common Sense 25.Aug.2008 10:53

Working Class Mama

If they are physically harming you or you suspect that they may escalate to that, get a hand gun. Get one that's weighted well, semi-automatic, easy to load/reload, easy to chamber, etc. Firing ranges have an assortment of guns you can try out to find the right one for you. Make sure that it's of a caliber where you won't have to empty your magazine into them to have an effect. The more shots you fire, the more vindictive you look. (Very important!)Take classes to learn how to use it without panicking and hurting innocent people. Always consider who/what's behind what you're aiming at. NEVER pull a gun on someone that you are not willing to use, EVER. Breathe and think each time before you pull the trigger. Get a concealed weapons permit. Carry a knife in case you lose your nerve with the gun. Learn how to use a knife and how to prevent it being taken away. Learn how to get it back if it's taken away. If knives make you too nervous, you can take stick fighting classes and carry around short sticks. Get a big, loud dog to protect you and your home.

Defending yourself is NEVER violent. Only a damned selfish fool would allow himself or comrades to be injured, maimed, or murdered for pompous dogmatic purposes. The effectiveness of non-violent tactics is highly dependent on the conscience of your attacker. They laugh at the fact that you are sitting ducks. They are counting on it and taking advantage of it. It doesn't make them feel bad for you one bit. If anything, it makes the joke better for them. You have to be able to accurately assess where you should draw the line, otherwise you martyr yourself. Under circumstances like these, what goal, what strategy would that serve? Will that bring the troops home? If you're going to martyr yourself, do it in a way that really makes a public point. Like stand in the runway where planes are carrying troops or supplies to Iraq.

Get proactive. Find out who they are, where they live, where they work, and send them nonviolent messages. ;)

It's not nearly as hard as you think and Tacoma is not very big. Track their usernames, look for clues in their profiles, become their online friend with a faux profile, find an email addy, Google search the email, and follow all the leads that come with that. Once you find out things about them think about what types of people they might hire or be influenced by or hang out with. Know anybody in the real estate business or government employees? They have access to lots of valuable info. Think of people you know that might be in their social bubble. If he golfs. Where does he golf? Who do you know golfs there? Daughter getting married? Maybe you know someone who does catering. Does he have a favorite restaurant? Maybe your friend works there.

is "peace" a race-to-the-bottom to be as passive as possible? 29.Aug.2008 18:03

just checking

A lot of ink gets spilled on the subject of "nonviolence," and the usual examples are India in the 1940s and the American South in the '60s (and sometimes, bizarrely, South Africa in the '80s or '90s or whenever it was, even though S.A. was liberated with a classic "diversity of tactics" including armed struggle by Mandela's ANC).

Not to go on and on about it, but Gandhi's civil disobedience had no noticeable effect until after Nazi Germany basically destroyed England, and then lost the war. Great Britain was not exactly in a position to rebuild itself AND occupy half of Europe AND occupy half of Asia at the same time.

And certainly things in America might have gone differently if Goldwater had been President through the '60s instead of Johnson. It doesn't seem quite as likely there would have been federal affirmative action laws and federal troops integrating Southern elementary schools, no matter what happened on the street in Birmingham.

(All the regimes here since 1981 have been Goldwater's children.)

If it's part of your ACTUAL ACTIVISM PLAN that you win some kind of victory if you get maimed or killed for what you're doing, it'll expose the brutality of the oppressor or whatever, then go for it. But dude, somebody jumps you on the street and throws acid on you? Not even at a protest or nothin'?

Putting up with that kind of shit does not have to be part of anybody's "beliefs."