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High school kids can opt out of military recruiting

This September teens will return to high school and the government will continue building their recruiting database by collecting their personal information from the local school. This data is used to target our children. Parents can opt out of this system but they must take action.
Section 9528 of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires schools to release our family's private
information to military recruiters unless parents (youth in some cases) "opt out" in writing.

You can get a copy of the form here:  http://www.leavemychildalone.org/lmca_forms/Opt_Out_Form_Parents.pdf

If the youth is already in the database, they can send this form:  http://www.leavemychildalone.org/lmca_forms/JAMRS_OPT_OUT.pdf to get removed from the Pentagon's recruiting and marketing database.

I believe parents and youth have until the end of September to file the first form with the school district so they don't pass along the student and family's personal information.

Please pass this information along to anyone between the ages of 16 and 25.

our teenage boys are not cannon fodder for the rich!!! 23.Aug.2008 10:04

mamma zeppy

Thank you for posting this! I was wondering about this last night, my son is 16. I was also wondering about mandatory registration when males turn 18, anyone know the specifics?!?! I heard on the radio that it was a felony to not register with the military when your 18.(male)Thanx again! Peace!

mandatory draft registration 24.Aug.2008 15:22

John Grueschow, War Resisters League jgrueschow@comcast.net

Young men are still required to register for Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday, and it is technically a felony not to comply. However, the feds have not prosecuted a single person for failure to register since about 1986, and there is no indication that this will change any time soon. The actual penalty is that no one can get a federal college loan, join programs like the Job Corps, or work for the federal gov't if they don't register. Late registrations, although technically a violation, are gladly accepted without penalty up until your 26th birthday.
For more specific info, please contact John Grueschow, 503-238-0605.
For more info on opting out of having student contact info released to military recruiters, contact Recruiter Watch PDX,  rwpdxcoalition@gmail.com. Join our campaign this Sept. to inform Portland high school students about their right to opt out.


school forms 26.Aug.2008 16:31


There should be a section on high school registration forms that state you want no calls from the military.I just filled out my son's papers for high school and remembered this no call section,which actually appeared in middle school.Check with your students school. I live in Beaverton it may be different else where.