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Both Barack and Biden Tower over "Tiny John"

There there, Tiny John, don't lose your temper!
The two tall men tower over Tiny John.

The dimunitive Tiny John, hardly 5 and a half feet tall, is dwarfed by both Dems. What Tiny John doesn't have in stature, he must try to make up for with bluster.

How could one seriously believe that the short-of-stature Tiny John could raise our standing in the world???


What he would do -- in the unlikely event he was elected -- would be to condemn U.S. Forces to eternal warfare, conflict, and strife, in the desert hell-realm of Afghanistan.

Tiny John, also known as [NA-POLE-LEE-ON] John, would angrily march into his own Waterloo.

But in his case, it would more aptly be named, "Desertloo".