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Obama Picks Biden

Absolutist idealists may howl as much as the Republicans, about how grossly inadequate the Democrats are, but the harsh reality is that McCain and the Republicans really are the "greater evil"...whose side are you really on?
Barack Obama has tapped one of the most vocal, "radical" and longest serving members of the Democratic Party's more or less liberal wing, to join his campaign for the Presidency as the Vice Presidential candidate.

Biden, 65, of Scranton Pennsylvania, with 35 years in the Senate for Delaware, is known for tenaciously ripping up the Republicans in long speeches, and has held top seniority posts with the Foreign Policy and Judiciary committees.


While no revolutionary is likely to consider Biden all that "radical", the Republicans will scream bloody murder over this choice by Obama, whom they have already dubbed the "most liberal" Senator.

Everything is relative. Compared to McCain, and whoever he picks for a running mate, the Obama/Biden ticket will be extremely "liberal", if not revolutionary.

It's a bold move, aimed at dispelling once and for all the notion that liberals are more "radical" than average Americans, who have supposedly swung to the right since the days of Nixon and Reagan.

In fact, polls consistently show the American public to be more sympathetic to liberal Democratic political rhetoric and programs than to the Republican line and practice, and that gap is steadily widening, despite a full court propaganda press from the right over the last 30 years.


While far less than ideal, and sure to be demonized by the "radical" left, as much as by the Republicans, the Obama/Biden ticket and the Democratic Party are poised to wrest power from the hands of right wing fundamentalist reactionary conservatives.

A filibuster-proof super-majority in the Congress, as well as further down the ladders of political power, in many states and localities, seems to be in the making, and could even happen this election cycle, or the next, if "alternative" 3rd, 4th and 5th party losers don't split the vote too much and hand some of that power back to the Republicans.

Is it socialist utopia yet? The hysteria about to ensue from the right would make you think that we are right on the brink, and you can bet that their brownshirt militias and death squads will be mobilizing, just like they did under Carter and Clinton, to call for counter-revolutionary civil war "against the government and the left".

What remains to be seen is whether the left can develop an analysis and practice that is willing to forgo incessant internal struggles for elitist ideological hegemony amongst themselves, and recognize that the "lesser evil" of the Democrats is, indeed, at least somewhat, "better", more or less, than the worst available fascist evil of the Republicans, even to the extent of at least offering some principled, qualified, tactical support to the bourgeois liberals ("like a rope supports a hanging man"), as the struggle for justice and peace, to save the planet, continues.

Poor and working people all over the world, who are desperate for a little breathing room, and whose lives often hang in the balance on issues like health care, housing, education, jobs and other social issues, not to mention the economy in general and prospects of imperialist war, will be watching to see whether the left really gives a shit about all that, or will continue to refuse "on principle" to help the Democrats to block the worst fascists from power.