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Oregon Peace Party puts Ralph Nader on the ballot

He's back!

The Ralph Nader campaign announced today that the Secretary of State has recognized the creation of a new party in Oregon, the Peace Party, and party activists announced the nomination of Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez for President and Vice-President.

The party was created by the gathering of more than 21,000 valid signatures throughout the state.

"McCain is a virtual clone of President Bush on domestic policy, and on foreign policy he is even more of a warmonger," said Greg Kafoury, one of the leaders of the Nader campaign. "Obama has moved so far to the right since Hillary Clinton dropped out that the campaign has degenerated into trivia and personal attacks. Only Nader stands for full military and corporate withdrawal from Iraq, reductions in the bloated defense budget, single-payer health care, and a living wage for all Americans. Historically small parties and independent candidacies have been the birthplace of progress. Third parties led the struggle against slavery, for women's suffrage, for Social Security and workers' rights. The job of the major parties is to adopt the best of these ideas. Ballot obstacles for small parties and their exclusion from the presidential debates has prevented the system from regenerating. The grip of the corporate media and the dominant corporate parties has kept the American people from solving a single major social problem in the last 40 years."

"Nader is at 6% nationally in the latest CNN poll, and a recent Fox poll found that 14% of voters would support Nader if they felt he was competitive. If Nader is included in the presidential debates, we could have a genuine three-way race," said Kafoury.

Nader will hold a major rally in Denver on August 27th during the Democratic convention, and a later rally during the Republican convention. The focus of the national campaign is to expand the debates to include Nader and perhaps former Congressman Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate.

Those interested in the campaign can contact the law office of Kafoury and McDougal at (503) 224-2647, or visit VoteNader.org.

homepage: homepage: http://www.votenader.org/action/oregon/

Naderite 23.Aug.2008 15:14


I am thrilled that Ralph is back, and proud of the very small roll I played in assuring that this time he really made it to the OR ballot.
He will most certainly get my vote, and much more of my volunteer time.

Way to go Ralph, and the Oregon supporters who made this happen and kept things quiet!

Let's give them a run for their money!

Under false prestense 25.Aug.2008 16:34


I wish the Peace Party had gathered their signatures by saying 'we back Nader'.
Not that i don't, I volunteered for him and quietly voted for him in 2004, I could never have worn a Nader button without being yelled at by some liberal.
I am a McKinney supporter - it's time for new blood and new ideas. I signed that petition and gave the heaps of encouragment.

It's time for the women to lead.....