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Bourgeois Elections: Still Not a Solution

if voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal.
I am not mechanically advocating that there is never a time and a place to participate in bourgeois elections: clearly the Nepalese comrades have validated the need for tactical flexibility. However, I will say that orienting the social-movement left around "defeating McCain" is in fact, a complete compromise with bourgeois political framework. We learned from the previous presidential election in 2004 that the Anyone but Bush equates to supporting one oppressive wing of the ruling class against another wing does not, in anyway build space for people's movements, in fact the opposite is true: it depletes precious resources and activism into bourgeois elections. More importantly, as revolutionaries our focus should never be simply to build up individuals to pit them against the system. There is no record of this being successful or even beneficial to people's movements. Bernie Sanders might state crushing damnations of the Bush regime, but will he offer liberation? No. Nancy Pelosi once spouted impeachment rhetoric, and then quickly retracted once she acquired her personal political power. The point is not that all candidates in every election are corrupt (necessarily) or liars, but that even in the best circumstances elections serve this ruling class, as Emma Goldman poignantly exemplified: if voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal.

Some claim that we must vote for Obama to defeat McCain. Why? And what difference will Obama make? In stark honesty, he will change nothing. The oppressed will continue to meek out existence and continue to be the oppressed and the ruling class will continue to enjoy their privileges. The claim that we "need" to vote for Obama to save us from the evils of McCain is in fact a calculated distraction from the fact that Obama is in every significant way aligned with John McCain anyway. Worse yet, this orientation serves to legitimize bourgeois rule. It makes their game (elections under their system) appear as the only valid arena for political struggle, when in fact for us - the oppressed - it is anything but. The victories we have won, however small, have been won by fighting the system from the outside, not the inside. The Civil Rights Movement suffered the brutal repression of the bourgeois state and survived to win its legitimacy. It was never "voted" as acceptable, it was won. This relates concretely to the elections today and is demonstrated by Obama's wholesale ditching of his long-time spiritual advisor, Rev. Wright who himself offered genuine criticisms of the system, only to be castigated later as a crazy radical simply for disturbing and playing outside the bounds of the white-supremacist power structure. These reflections are not nihilistic. The message isn't that our situation is hopeless - only that being duped into participating in their elections is not a path toward liberation. We should have hope and faith: in the masses, and the vitality of building a new movement that can genuinely pose a challenge to capitalism-imperialism.

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IT LOOKS LIKE BIDEN 22.Aug.2008 18:56


"I mean, you've got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man." ...Sen. Joe Biden,to the New York Observer
Vice President Biden's Driveway Entrance
Vice President Biden's Driveway Entrance

Absolutist Idealism vs Harsh Reality 22.Aug.2008 20:31

True Revolutionary

The post, and the cynical, defeatist, misanthropic line, are unmitigated bullshit, inspired by COINTELPRO to suppress voter turnout, and to thus hand elections over to the worst available fascist Republican swine by default.

The same failed "theory" and "analysis", and their all-too prolific rhetorical promulgation, are directly responsible for Hitler, Nixon, Reagan, and Bush electoral "victories", and the dramatic increases in the horrible suffering and death of millions of more people that inevitably ensues as a result.

What fkn good are your absolutist idealism and "principles", when you can so callously condemn poor and working people to the draconian cuts in housing, education, healthcare, jobs and income, the dramatically increased racism, sexism, eco-rape, corporate rip off and war, that Republicans always bring to the max?

You can rant all you want about how inadequate and non-revolutionary the Democrats and bourgeois liberals are, and you won't be "wrong".

But advocating boycott of elections, or splitting the vote with "alternative" guaranteed losers, is exactly what the pigs want you to do!

The Democrats are, indeed, too much like the Republicans, especially when, due to low voter turnout, the more progressive caucuses within the Democratic Party are isolated and outnumbered, and unable to overcome Republican filibusters and Blue Dog treasons. COINTELPRO likes it like that.

But the Democrats are not "the same". When peoples' lives hang in the balance, they need all the help they can get to survive, and they are a hell of a lot more likely to get some help, more or less, from the Democrats, than from the Republicans, in fact, historically.

To ignore that, and to indiscriminately demonize the Democrats just like some Faux News pundit, because they are not perfect, make you either a fool, or a fkn pig, who could care less about the results of your actions.

A true revolutionary would recognize that whoever "wins" the bogus commercial bourgeois "elections", the struggle for justice and peace, to save the planet, will have to continue...but meanwhile, a dedicated revolutionary who loves the People, and cares about what will happen to them, will tactically, in a limited and principled manner, "support" the bourgeois liberals (like a rope supports a hanging man), to cut poor and working people of the US and the world a little slack, and to block the worst available fascists from power.

It costs nothing to simply advocate that people vote for the Democrats, offer a little analysis as to why the Republicans are fascist pigs, and explain why bourgeois liberal Democrats are not an ultimate solution, but merely a somewhat, relatively speaking, lesser evil, for the time being.

You don't have to naively jump on the electoral bandwagon, or wastefully expend huge resources on electoral politics. Just talk it up, as part of the other political work that you already do. Change your line, just a little bit, and add in a little more incisive and accurate political education.

If you ignore the death and destruction that you cause by letting the Republicans prevail, then what fkn good are you, as a "revolutionary"? Ever wonder why poor and working people are not flocking to your "movement"? Go figure...

. 23.Aug.2008 08:41


"If you ignore the death and destruction that you cause by letting the Republicans prevail, then what fkn good are you, as a "revolutionary"? Ever wonder why poor and working people are not flocking to your "movement"? Go figure..."

hey blowhard... let's see how many have flocked to your movement?