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Bldg. 7 Fell By Fire Says Feds-Truthers Make NYT Front Page

Surprise. surprise! N.I.S.T. sez Building Seven wasn't bombed!
There it is on the front page of today's NY Times- The Feds have finally come up with their final draft on why Building 7 at the WTC colapsed for no apparent reason on 911. It's basically the same contrived bullshit story they used for the Twin Towers- fires so hot they buckled steel. Of course steel melts at around 2500 degrees F, not 700 F like carbon-based 'paper and furniture' fires, and jet fuel (pure kerosene-burns at 700 degrees F). These findings are no surprise really, as NIST an d other Federal agencies have engaged in distorting the science of 911 for many years now. There were skeptics present at the news conference, including the head of Architects for 911 Truth, that questioned the results. The Feds admitted they never tested for Thermite use, because one would "need a 100 pounds of it" to bring down the main columns. As one skeptic chimed- "You can't find what you're not looking for". The really amazing thing about the Time's coverage is that they mention the 911 Truth Movement as still being very popular. A recent poll of Ohio colleges revealed almost one fifth of students think explosives were used on 911. "Loose Change" is still the most downloaded film in internet history. The first sentence of the article reveals the true reason for this sudden revelation from the Bush Administration: "Fires in the 47 story office tower on the edge of the WTC site undermined floor beams and a critical structuak column, federal investigators concluded on Thursday, AS THEY ATTEMPTED TO CURB STILL-RAMPANT SPECULATION THAT EXPLOSIVES CAUSED THE BUILDING'S COLLAPSE ON SEPT. 11, 2001". That's RAMPANT. They actually said that if bombs had brought it down, people would have "heard a giant explosion". They "looked at videos" and "interviewed witnesses" and found no evidence of a noise "louder than a Rock Concert" in the vicinity of WTC 7. Listen, any IDIOT can compare the videos of WTC 7 falling and videos of Las Vegas hotel demolitions. If you can find any diferences in the two you must be working for NIST too. Bush & Co. have corrupted nearly every single scientific body in the federal government. Whether it's Global Warming or 911, you cannot trust these so-called " federal scientists" any longer. They spout politics, not scientific results. This report is the most laughable explanation of building collapse ever written. NIST actually warns the entire world to re-check every steel skyscraper in every city on earth in light of "THESE NEW AND DISTURBING" discoveries. What unmitigated gall. The ONLY steel builldings in all of HISTORY to "collapse from fire" and we're going to "Warn the world"???? Just want to thank NIST & Bushco for once again helping the 911 truth movement by insisting fake science has validity.

Building 7 at the Twin Towers on 9/11 - a fire brought it down???!!! 22.Aug.2008 14:50

Someone who knows it didn't happen that way

What I don't understand is how the media can report information like this and not even investigate it? Just because federal agencies say its so doesn't mean its true. I heard KPTV talk about this yesterday - with any other newsworthy story they investigate it first. It's a shame the media is the worst to report the lies that some people believe.

Mainstream media would make Goebbels proud 23.Aug.2008 02:18

Prescott Bush

The mainstream press supports another ridiculous theory from another generation. It's called the "magic bullet." The magic bullet went through John Connely's arm, reversed direction and caught JFK in the throat.

The mainstream press is all propaganda.

real story: Silverstein disagrees with NIST assessment, I "pulled it," he said 23.Aug.2008 17:27


Remember criminal Silverstein said that he was responsible for WTC7. He gave the order to pull as mention in the PBS documentary America Rebuilds (2002).

If Silverstein admits that he did a controlled demolition on the building, he admits that it was pre-wired to explode before 9-11-01. And that means since WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7 exploded in the same fashion, they were all pre-wired for the big day in advance by state terrorists.

Anything that ignores Silverstein's admittal is aimed to cover up. That it took seven years to get around why a building collapsed without natural cause on 9-11 (and that they hoped not even to have a story about it for seven years!) is another sign that there is something inherently evil about the USA's elites.

The fact that nothing is done about his admittance shows the level of systemic corruption.

Silverstein is key to WTC7.

Don't neglect his blame.

Moreover, FEMA found sulfurated steel in the WTC. Another sign of thermate. See FEMA picture of WTC7 sulfurated steel.

The 'official story' thus innately contradicts the physical evidence. Thermal explosion can't create a novel element of sulfur that burns away steel, just like, well, you know, just like sulfurated thermate.