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Is Clinton behind plane malfunction

Was Obamas plane tampered with?
Is Clinton Behind Airplane Malfunction?
By Troy ProutyWhen I first heard that Obama beat Clinton, my thought was "Be careful when traveling by airplane". A few months later the plane he was flying in had a serious malfunction problem and could have easily crashed. According to Midwest Airlines; the inflated slide deployed in mid- flight. Never according to Mike Hatfield at American Airlines as there been any instance like this, Never I thought, it left me to questioning how it could happen with a Presidential Candidate aboard the plane?

I can't tell you if the incident was done deliberately or not, but I can tell you that when I look at Hillary Clinton, there is this feeling I get that she is evil. When she knew she was going to lose to Obama, instead of just accepting the defeat, she attempts to worm her way to be the Democratic Candidate by telling everyone she stands the best chance to beat McCain.

I get the feeling that the Clinton's least favorite word is "NO". There is a thing called persistence, but this goes far beyond that.

Many people around the Clinton's have died in questionable ways. Most people will experience some form of loss in their life, but in the Clinton's case; many losses surrounded investigations of people in relation to them. For example Rob Brown who died in a plane crash, Vincent Foster suicide, Paul Tully found dead in a hotel room, Jerry Perks gunned down while being at a stop light, and Hershell Friday whose plane exploded. There are many others Ed Willey, Jerry Parks, James Bunch, Kathy Ferguson, Bill Shelton, and Suzanne Coleman. The list gets even longer, but I think I will stop there. It appears the Clinton's have had enough acquaintances and friends that were murdered, committed suicide, or died from an unusual death to form a small city inside the United States.

Like previously stated, loss happens to everyone, but does everyone experience these types of losses? Questionable suicides, people gunned down at stop lights, and airplanes exploding? I tend to think that my social circle is good size and I hate to tell the Clinton's this, the amount of deaths surrounding you is not normal and makes it seem like maybe you had something to do with those deaths.

I've never liked conspiracy theories, I have always found the people making those accusations a few bricks shy of a full load, but in the Clintons case I would have to agree that the possibility of them having people killed seems very realistic.

Several years back I was lucky enough to interview Paul Wellstone, at that time I felt he could be the next president, when his plane crashed in 2002 causing his death it upset me, I thought he would be one of the best Presidents we ever had. I didn't know what to believe; could it be the weather like they say, did Bush have anything to do with it, and now I wonder did Clinton have anything to do with it? I mean this woman shows no boundaries, could she have seen a chance of her running for President diminishes if Wellstone was alive? Was he a threat to what she wanted to achieve like so many of the people that have died around the Clinton's?

If Hillary became the Vice President is it not possible for her to plan the demise of the President so she will become in charge? Obviously it appears that she won't be selected for Vice President under Obama; so her only alternative would be to have Obama die in some "accident" and she would than once again become the Democratic Candidate for President. Would our political system of today just turn our back like we have in so many of the deaths surrounding the Clinton's, or would we finally get a real investigation exposing them for what they really are?

newflash 21.Aug.2008 16:08


The aristocracy is willing to kill people for personal gain. Yes, that includes all politicians, including Obama, Clinton, and McCain. They've all had people killed before, and will again. File this under the department of duh.