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Options Dwindling

This is what i just emailed to NWCRC: I'm hoping they[might] can give me some sort of help, because i don't know what much else i can do. I've contacted CopWatch & IPR already.
I spoke to someone from the ACLU Portland chapter this morning. Unfortunately, they could not help me. I guess i need the police to shove a mopstick up my ass, or be beaten to within an inch of my life by abunch of hammerskins in-order to get help from ACLU...
"On Saterday June 7th 2008 i was on my way to work when i was jumped/attacked by two [random] men, whome i didnot know. They ran off, i called 911. As soon as i the police arrived, they ARREST ME! They taser me, after i was restrained; i never fought with them.

I've made 2 requests for police reports ( case #08-54593 by an Off. Sweeny, & case #08-054566 by an Off. McKenlay) The DA's office won't release those reports - they still consider them "open", even though there are NO pending criminal charges, court dates, & NO set trial relating to my case.

I feel that my Civil rights were violated by the police when they tasered me without provocation that night, eventhough i was a CRIME VICTIM who was just assaulted by 2 unknown thugs. My employer fired me two days later, because i was unable to make it into work that night... i've been unemployed, looking for work since June 7th. I'm not facing any criminal charges, but the District Attorneys' office refuse to give me the police reports that i feel are rightfully due to me, par my request [& $10.00 money orders]. I also suspect that the polices' actions on that night might've been racially motivated.

I need help in obtaining those police reports. I can not afford an attorney, as my savings have been completely depleted & i'm recieving UI. I don't know what those reports say, what the police put in them that night."

- C.D.Brooks

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