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Monday 3-5PM Ungar Furs Outreach Demo - Their Only Voice is YOURS!

What: Anti-fur demo and outreach
When: 3-5PM
Where: Ungar Furs 12th & Yamhill (downtown, right off the max)
Why: A purely fur store in downtown PDX???? Really??? WHY???
Portland made history with the shutting down of schumacher furs but there is still much more work to be done. We must continue the fight and let others know that we will not tolerate fur stores in our city. Nicholas Ungar Furs, you are next...

Join us for the new weekday campaign to get fur out of PDX!

Educate the public and the proprietors of Ungar on the cruelty of fur.

Also - Call Nicolas Ungar and ask them to remove fur from their store!!!

Nicholas Ungar Furs
1137 SW Yamhill St Portland, OR 97205
M-F 9-5

Reminder 21.Aug.2008 12:03

Foxy Lady

This is the same store that got fined 3 yrs ago for selling fur coats made from endangered species!