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"Shot" reporter "from Georgia" may be Acteur from United States

Georgian and US Propaganda
An expose of the video the Daily Mail's Sam Greenhill has been promoting as part of his warmongering efforts that supposedly shows a female Georgian reporter named Tamara Urushadze getting shot.

Video: Georgian TV reporter shot by Russian sniper during live broadcast carries on with her report
By SAM GREENHILL All By This Author - 15/08/2008 15:26:26

The above article discusses the video of a "Tamara Urushadze" who is allegedly a Georgian reporter who was shot by a Russian sniper live on TV. Google "Tamara Urushadze" and you will find thousands of references to her, but every single one of them lead to articles about her supposedly getting shot.

Except one.

There is a single reference to a "Tamara Urushadze" from the United States who in 2006 posted a comment at the internet movie data base regarding a Georgian film, "The Debt". That "Tamara Urushadze" is clearly listed as "Author: Tamara Urushadze from United States".  http://farm.imdb.com/title/tt0492961/maindetails

It gets better, though.

View the video closely and you will VIEW Tamara's "instinctive" reaction at exactly the same moment you HEAR the "Russian sniper's" first bullet "hit". Problem: the speed of sound is 700 mph, the speed of a bullet from a sniper's rifle is 2000+ mph. Just as you see lightning first, then hear the thunder, the sound should have arrived slightly later and it did not - it arrived simultaneously.

After she is "shot", the camera operator just stands there for several seconds while she is removed from view. Then the camera whirls around and about and Tamara is not seen again until about 35 seconds later, sporting a scratch on her arm. Despite the apparent firing of four or five shots in quick succession, no one flees, no one cringes. In the distance, two people show no reaction at all.

Now propaganda of this type is hardly unique to Georgians, and Putin's criminality against other peoples such as in Ichkeria (Chechnya) is legendary, but Georgian propaganda the video most certainly is. Despite its obvious flaws it is being distributed and redistributed through the web to prepare the West for war.

Remember "Nayirah", the "nurse" who testified to a US House committee that Iraqi troops occupying Kuwait had removed babies from their incubators and left them to die? Much later, it was found that she was 15-years-old and no nurse at all, but the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador. By then, it was too late to prevent the outrage of the American people that gave Bushdaddy carte blanche to wage war against Iraq.

True, Tamara's "wound" isn't as appealing as that, but the idea is clear that the Russians are by definition monsters who shoot media folk, while the pure and innocent Georgians are broadcasting about relief efforts. It must be remembered that the Georgians started the war with a genocide that killed up to 2,000 Ossetians in 3 days, about 3% of the total population of South Ossetia.

No doubt, Russian propaganda will counter with its own efforts if it hasn't already, but it is unlikely that the people of the West will notice it, whereas a Georgian propaganda videos such as the one under consideration are getting widespread approval and repetition from all major media outlets.

Homepage:  http://farm.imdb.com/title/tt0492961/maindetails