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Fouad Kaady's killer under investigation again

Sandy P.D.'s own Bill Bergin is on administrative leave and under investigation yet again. This is the third time that Bergin, one of the cops involved in the horrendous slaying of Fouad Kaady, has been put on leave in less than three years.
The Sandy Post is reporting that Bill Bergin has been on administrative leave from the Sandy P.D. since Friday, July 25th after some new information was revealed in the ongoing investigation of Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy Brandon Claggett.

Claggett has been on paid leave since early July after the Department of Justice passed along complaints and allegations made against him by a Sandy resident. From the Post:

"When Oregon City business owner Jim Smith was confronted with some allegations against the deputy [Claggett}, he hired Newport-based private investigator Harold Nash to interview an individual described by Smith as a 'young lady from Sandy' closely tied to those allegations.

Nash a staunch supporter of law enforcement said the interviewee "didn't feel comfortable coming to the police" with the information, so he felt it was his duty to pass along what he learned and let the government agencies sort it out.

The Department of Justice received Nash's information July 8 and immediately passed it on to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, said Department of Justice Spokesman Jake Weigler."

Re: Bergin, the Post goes on to quote Sandy Police Chief Harold Skelton:
"(The sheriff's office) got additional information about Officer Bergin that they passed on to me. There have been some issues that came to our attention, and so we're investigating and we're going to get to the bottom of it."


Perhaps the noose is finally closing on all the wild, wild, west-type "lawmen" in these parts? By the way, how goes the Kaady lawsuit? Any recent developments?

skeptical 20.Aug.2008 20:38


If he hasn't been fired after killing an unarmed, severely burned, naked man and after driving under the influence and threatening his girlfriend, what type of behavior WILL cost him his job?

I can't wait to hear more about this "investigation".

Kaady Case To Go To Trial In 2009! 21.Aug.2008 14:22

Learn how candidates to be elected in November help! js@atlansky.com

Thursday-August 21, 2008


Breaking News Multnomah County Voters: From Oregon State Police-Independent Citizens Review Board

Vote for Attorney John Kroger, & Professor of Law at Lewis & Clark College for Attorney General of Oregon. The voters chose Mr. Kroger in the primary election and he is the only candidate that we endorse for Attorney General.

Vote for Sgt. Muhammad Ra'oof for Sheriff of Multnomah County as he is the only candidate that will implement our program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement to save many lives and our tax payers millions of dollars in litigation every year due to police use of excessive force. Envision Oregon Safest State-Vote Kroger & Ra'oof!

**As printed by the Wilsonville Spokesman March 12, 2008**

Immediate Media Release:

Questioning the use of "excessive force"
By Jerry Atlansky

Not one law enforcement officer has ever been indicted by the Multnomah,
County Grand Jury in Portland, Oregon for the use of "Excessive Force."
The average total "use of force" as reported by Portland Police Bureau
Officers about their own action, is once every two hours, which are
major facts that can't be disputed. Both were reported in The
Oregonian in connection with the horrific infamous September, 2006 police
killing of James Chasse Jr. in Portland.

Why have there been no indictments against any of the many offending
officers for the use of excessive force?

The training at the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards &
Training, DPSST contains no specific Standards in this regard, as we
have advocated for over two years to protect the public from out
of control cops when officers witness the excessive force.
DPSST has no classroom training or simulations requiring step-by-step procedures
on how officers must respond when other officers use excessive force. There is also no private citizen oversight in this regard.
Further, no groups currently exist to advocate for changes to training
standards to give police cadets clear guidelines to follow to avoid
use of excessive force.
The Associated Press recently reported that in Boise, Idaho a class of
43 Police Academy Graduates were trying to cause post traumatic stress
disorder? That's the message on the latest class's graduation programs
and it has leaders of the Idaho Police Center doing damage control. It read, "Don't Suffer from PTSD, go out and cause it."
It begs the question, why are the police cadet graduates so fearless
of retribution from academy officials and the top cops that hired
them throughout Idaho? This type of of message tells the public that law
enforcement's loyalty is to the worst cops not the general public.

It says that more than 150 years of police Code of Silence, Testilying, Brutality
is condoned by the entire law enforcement community and top state officials
throughout the United States of America.

This is the final determination of our private citizens oversight group,
the Portland-based "Oregon State Police-Independent Citizens Review Board."
However, police, DPSST and other state officials still refuse to implement
our program called Truly Reforming Law Enforcement."

Here are the details: If adopted by law enforcement, all Oregon police
cadets shall, upon completion of their training, sign a formal statement
showing they were fully trained, understand, agree with
and will comply with the following policies:

1. Law enforcement supervisors and line officers would be required to
intervene when officers use excessive force. It would be mandatory also to report
the incident up the command.
2. When officers are repeatedly beating or kicking a restrained person, all
supervisors and line officers must stop the excessive force and arrest
the offending officers.
3. If a person is not attacking anyone and an officer uses enough force
to cause that person's death, it would be considered unjustifiable homicide
subject to criminal prosecution.

All 18,000 law enforcement bureaus throughout the United States, from federal
to Native American tribal agencies, have never had in place the three steps
we are now proposing.

Have you read The Oregonian article published Dec. 15, 2007,
"Woman sues for false arrest, battery? One of the two officers charged in this
law suit for alleged false arrest and excessive force was directly involved
in the death of James Chasse Jr. Mr. Chasse died while in custody of the police in Old Town Portland. All of his ribs were
broken which caused massive internal bleeding. The entire incident was witnessed by two people who filed a formal complaint with the Portland Police Bureau. But nothing has
yet been done by the bureau or the city of Portland.

The Public get 25 years to life for unjustifiable homicide and out-of-control
cops get time off with pay. The governmental process is completely broken

In the future we the people plan to force change to protect all people.
We have much more to inform the public to show the very sorry state we are in with
our "non law enforcement for our worst cops."

JERRY ATLANSKY is retired from 21 years with Continental Airlines, where he was director of passenger services, and several years with Marriott Hotels as a director of safety.
Jerry may be contacted at  js@atlansky.com

Contact for the media to reach Jerry Atlansky
Call 503.490.4433

The True Face of This Pig 23.Aug.2008 20:05

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