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Impeachment Vigil August 14 2008 outside House Dist #3 <video>

The vigil was on its weekly course outside Earl Blumenauer's office in NE Portland (Thursdays @ noon - 2pm)
8.14.08 Impeach Vigil
8.14.08 Impeach Vigil
A 1/2 a dozen citizens from the vigil of Individuals for Justice, discuss current affairs outside Earl Blumenauer's office in the 100 degree weather.
Of course the usual hot topics arise like, Earl doesn't want a circus (read "No Impeachment"), or about how or representative, Earl Blumenauer, is not holding Dick and George accountable and the discussion of him not representing the anti war constituents by demanding this war end and .....to quit funding it.

There is also a few local up-coming events mentioned in the 16 min video on Google:


The video clip opens with the Lone Vet describing Earls "Birthday Bash for Impeachment"

Pictures n More from the birthday are here:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id96.html