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U.S. Outta Old Towne-Presents: Protect/Know Your Protest Rights for the D.N.C. & R.N.C.

Wanna know your rights, protect them, and use them ? Great come on down to Old Town/Chinatown's Neighborhood in N.W. Portland's River District. Training will be at 421 N.W. 3rd, in the U.S. Outta Old Towne Space. We will be covering at least 3-types of Police Interaction, doing some Role Plays, talking about searches & Search Warrants-person/car/house/office/warehouse space. Miranda Rights and how to Invoke them, some Constitutional Rights. Magic Words to use to help keep you safer. Minimum info to give to Law Enforcement- if you choose not to "remain silent". Info about Undercover Officers, Provocateurs, staying safe, what to bring and not bring to a protest.
Thursday, August 21st, 2008. @ 7:00P.M. -U.S. Outta Old Towne Presents: People will be gathering in the Old Town/China Town Neighborhood for a Protect/Know Your Protest Rights Training. The training will be held at the U.S. Outta Old Towne space located at 421 N.W. 3rd, Portland, Oregon, in the Dirty Duck Block of the River District. Presenters will be handing out information, talking about rights of protesters, and role playing some possible scenarios. The event is free. This is a part of the D.N.C./R.N.C.(Democratic National Convention & the Republican National Convention) training series. The series, which also includes Legal Observing, Videotaping 101, supporting an on-site legal collective, Jail Support, Court Support, media work, and Legal Solidarity. Be there, or Be not there. I plan to be there.

address: address: 421 N.W. 3rd, Portland, Oregon

I'll be there 15.Aug.2008 17:28

Lt. Billiam Esquire III

Thank you for putting this together Mike D. I think we all could use a brush up..