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the Visionary Report (8-15-08)

From wild visionary ideas to locally sensible, we are starting to compile ways in which informal humanity may "art" in the real world, and beyond the confines of so- limited constructs (and ways of seeing) still dominating. To respond with our abilities, our response abilities, in ways which may inspire you on your own launches of heart!
Imagine these ideas:

Beginning as a x-country experiment in ways to move around in our own territories, then going international.

Imagine small groups (or singles) going out to meet their neighbors near and far while giving free hugs, and other ways which are able to reach through hierarchically-organized mindsets. With Old Growth hotair balloon forests accompanying. And bands and quartets and so on, mixing with people they usually would have reduced to being mere "conservatives" and "them".

Imagine being stopped at borders, and these Old Growth hotair balloons amass at such borders, bringing attention, whether the well-financed media allows it or not.

Imagine making it all the way to Iraq, across land, and into Iraq, with such humanity. And then speaking to and sharing with our fellow humans as fellow seemingly powerless peoples. Imagine taking "The Singing Revolution" much further.

Imagine that all ways surrounding us are all ways that wish to help and already are (yet often without self-knowledge). Imagine getting together with them in talking circles which have open themes or something that gets people gifting and sharing their more-enjoyed humanity.

Imagine leveling with each other about how powerless we feel. Powerless to truly evolve from the dark age mentality still having "the upper hand"...we believe.....

Imagine seeing beyond the narratives created for us so far about our elders and youth; those reducing ways tending to ignore contexts and truths beyond their confines.

What shall you come up with.

Read/see more:
(still in its infancy)

who i am:
a visionary analyst/consultant available to aid independents in a variety of forms

Older ideas:
Giant pictures of heads-of-state draped over villages being hit with so-called "collateral damange", to possibly move bombers to think twice about bombing...(too naive? Why?)