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What is Anarchy?

A call out to all anarchists. Education and understanding is key in our struggle to change the world in which we live in. The way we would like to see the world is often unclear to outsiders. We should use our intellect to win them over.
It's hard to believe how many people still believe in Democracy, and the "Power of the Vote". Every so often I have the pleasure of conversation with someone who hasn't figured out that in almost 200 years the only thing Democracy(in the U.S.) has done for us is make the rich richer and the rest of us more oppressed. I hear things like "if we don't vote we don't have a right to complain", and "if only the youth of this country would vote, we could make a real change!" And of course the classic "it'll never happen", to which I reply "It's because of people like you who are afraid and unwilling to try and make a difference outside of your beloved Democracy." Then they try and tell me that it is better to try and work within the system to make change. And where else in the world can you walk down the street and not fear attack. And I ask them what fantasy world they live in. Anyway my point being this, if we are ever to exact real change in this country, we need all the support we can get.

So, my challenge is this: Write one good reason why we should abandon Democracy and how things would be different in an Anarchist society. Make it as brief or as long and precise as you wish. Then, either post it as a contribution or discussion of this article, or Publish your own commentary on this site. The goal being to get some good ammunition for those of us who might not be as articulate. Something we have created, not just rhetoric from the past, or other doctrines reprinted. Valid arguments that bring up subject matter relevant to modern society. Subjects that might be more understood by someone completely ignorant to what Anarchy is and why it would be beneficial.