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Portland's CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) is a Scam

The Scientology organization is not only a mind-control cult but also a multi-national criminal racket. It uses a large number of front groups with seemingly altruistic goals purely as a means to make money, obtain a "religious" reputation, and recruit new Scientologists. Portland has local branches of many of these groups.
Source: Church of Scientology International
Source: Church of Scientology International
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Portland Scientology Front Groups:

= Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)
= Hollywood Education and Literacy Project (HELP Portland)
= Youth for Human Rights International
= The Way to Happiness Foundation International
= Delphi Schools, Inc. (Sheridan, OR)
= Phocis, Inc. (Sheridan, OR)

Portland Scientology-Linked Businesses:

= Les Whitworth, CPA (Portland)
= Cascadia Eye Care (Lake Oswego)
= Hollander Consultants (Tualatin)
= Pet Samaritan Clinic (Portland)
= Bright Eyes, Inc (Beaverton)
= Bright Ideas (Portland)
= Dixon Remodeling (Portland)
= Portland Chimney (Portland)
= Power Trends, Inc (Beaverton)
= Professional Masonry Co. (Portland)
= Tom Leach Roofing (Portland)
= Walsh Chiropractic (Portland)
= Heron Books (Sheridan, OR)
= The Ashland Springs Hotel (Ashland, OR)
= Kranberry Acres (Bandon, OR)

These businesses are overseen by the Portland Charter Committee, which is headed by Fred King (CEO of Hollander Consultants).

Worldwide Scientology Front Groups:

This is a list of many non-profit organizations that are closely linked to the cult of Scientology. Many of these organizations describe themselves as "secular," when they are actually Scientology front groups, as per the "Church" of Scientology's own documents.

= Ability Academy Inc. (dba, Delphi Academy of San Diego)
= Ability Apple School
= Ability Plus Academy of Colorado, Inc.
= Ability Plus Connecticut, Inc.
= Ability School of Utah
= Academy for Learning (formerly, Mission of the Children, Inc.)
= American Detoxification Foundation
= Applied Education, Inc. (dba, Delphi Academy of Sacramento)
= Applied Scholastics Colorado
= Applied Scholastics Hawaii
= Applied Scholastics International
= Applied Scholastics of Florida, Inc. (dba, Applied Scholastics East U.S.)
= Applied Scholastics of Orange County
= Applied Scholastics Outreach
= Applied Scholastics Western United States
= Association for Better Living and Education International
= Bear Hill School, Inc. (The)
= Bridge Publications, Inc.
= Building Management Services
= Canyon View Academy
= Carroll Rees Academy and Arts
= Cherish the Children Foundation, Inc.
= Chicagoland Academy, Inc. (dba, Delphi Academy of Chicago)
= Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, Inc.
= Church of Scientology International
= Church of Scientology Western United States
= Church of Spiritual Technology (dba, L. Ron Hubbard Library)
= Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)
= Citizens for an Alternative Tax System
= Clearwater Academy International
= Clearwater Community Volunteers, Inc.
= Criminon International
= Criminon Western United States
= Criminon, Inc.
= Delphi Academy of Boston, Inc.
= Delphi Academy of Florida
= Delphi Schools, Inc.
= Earth Organization
= Ebony Awakening, Inc.
= Education Basics and Beyond, Inc (also, The Brighten School)
= Excalibur Foundation
= Flag Ship Trust (FST)
= Foundation Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Organization (FFSSO)
= Foundation for a Drug-Free World
= Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education
= Foundation for Religious Freedom (took over Cult Awareness Network)
= Friends of Narconon, International
= Golden Academy and Tutoring Center
= Happy House
= Hollywood Education and Literacy Project (HELP Harlem)
= Hollywood Education and Literacy Project (HELP Los Angeles)
= Hollywood Education and Literacy Project (HELP Miami)
= Hollywood Education and Literacy Project (HELP Orange County)
= Hollywood Education and Literacy Project (HELP Portland)
= Hubbard College of Administration (strangely, this entity advertises itself as "secular", but is registered as a religious entity at the IRS)
= International Academy of Detoxification Specialists (dba, New York Rescue Workers Detoxification)
= International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance
= Jensen Family Foundation
= Lafayette Academy
= Lewis Carrol Academy of the Arts, Inc.
= Literacy and Education Ability Resources Network, Inc. (dba, LEARN, Inc.)
= Literacy and Education Awareness Project
= Los Gatos Academy
= Minnesota Applied Study Technology, Inc.
= Mojave Academy, Inc.
= Narconon Drug Prevention and Education, Inc.
= Narconon Eastern United States
= Narconon Florida, Inc.
= Narconon Gulf Coast, Inc.
= Narconon Hawaii
= Narconon Idaho, Inc.
= Narconon Inc.
= Narconon International
= Narconon Northern California
= Narconon of Georgia, Inc.
= Narconon of Oklahoma, Inc. (dba, Narconon Arrowhead)
= Narconon of the South, Inc.
= Narconon Sacramento
= Narconon Southern California
= Narconon Stone Hawk
= Narconon Western United States
= New Era Publications International ApS (Denmark)
= New Era Seniors, Inc.
= New Mexico Ranch School, Inc.
= New Village Academy ("NVA uses study technology as an umbrella methodology woven through the subjects." )
= Phocis, Inc.
= Pinewood Academy of Literacy and the Arts
= Pollack Family Foundation, Inc.
= Religious Technology Center (from Form 1023)
= Renaissance Academy Inc.
= Scientology Missions International (from Form 1023)
= Second Chance Program, Inc.
= Sequoia Academy, Inc. [ref, ref]
= Set A Good Example [SAGE] Foundation (formerly, Concerned Businessmen's Association of America, Inc.)
= Shuttleworth Leadership Society International (also, Shuttleworth Academy/Mary's Schoolhouse)
= Standard Education, Inc.
= The Bryan and June Zwan Foundation, Inc.
= The Community Learning Center, Inc. (dba, World Literacy Crusade of Pinellas Co.)
= The Literacy, Education and Ability Program
= The Truth and Freedom Foundation
= The Way to Happiness Foundation International
= World Literacy Crusade International
= World Literacy Crusade of Florida, Inc.
= Youth for Human Rights International
= Youth Specialist Centers, Inc.

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