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The MOVE 9 need your help

how to get involved
ngs you can do to support MOVE
Join our postage committee, send a donation towards postage or send us 37 cent stamps.
Photo-copy information or send a donation (even a Kinko card) toward the cost of photo-copying.
Send donations directly to the MOVE Nine for postage, photo copying, and to pay for their pre-paid calls (It costs them anywhere from $2.25 just to connect and then about $0.22 to $0.45 a minute after that, depending on where they are calling. This racks up quickly in order to keep general contact with their family). To send them donations, you must send money orders only.
Write in to different news media/papers in your area and in Philadelphia and in the papers near the prisons where the MOVE Nine are being held demanding justice for MOVE.
Encourage Bookstores and/or organizations to buy our book 25 Years On the MOVE in bulk at a discounted rate so that MOVE information is available in your area.
Arrange speaking engagements for Ramona Africa or other MOVE members at colleges, Community Centers, etc.
Write, Fax, Call the following:

Governor Ed Rendell

D.A. Lynn Abraham
1421 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Tel: (215) 686-8700 Fax: (215) 563-0047

Mayor John Street
City Hall Philadelphia, PA 19107
Tel: (215) 686-3000 Fax: (215) 686-2170

Buy a MOVE videotape and arrange video showings in your area.
Contact your U.S. Officials and Representatives and make MOVE POW's an issue that they have to address.
Offer driving services if you have a car; typing services if you can type or use a computer.
Contribute office supplies or donations towards purchase of them.
Arrange Radio and/or TV programs for Ramona Africa or other MOVE members.
Organize fund raisers like musical benefits, dinners, drives, etc. to help pay for organizing activities and to pay for the fight to free the MOVE Nine.
Start a chapter of Friends of MOVE in your area (only need a couple of people to stay in contact with the organization and help out however resources and availability allow).