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New Website Devoted to US Social War

Have you been waiting for a website that reports entirely on attacks against the social order? Maybe a website that reports on acts of vandalism and sabotage engaged only in the United $tate$? Well here is a blog that strives to document the simple notion that people fight back, a lot.
With websites and blogs such as directaction.info, bombsandshields.blogspot.com, confrontation.wordpress.com and directactiongr.blogspot.com gaining such popularity, we decided to start a blog documenting stories of individual acts of rebellion here in the United States. This blog not only reports on anarchist attacks against the ruling order, but seeks to document a wide variety of resistance, including but not limited to:

-Bank Robberies
-Vandalism and Sabotage
-Prisoner Escape
-Attacks Against Police, Judges, Bosses, Landlords, Husbands
-Prison Revolts
-And other acts of mischief against the social peace

We aim to create a regularly updated account of the U$ social terrain so as to inspire others to act up (legally of course). We also aim to create a space where others can send us stories about people acting out against a society that constantly acts on them. So send us stories from your town/region!

In Struggle,


homepage: homepage: http://www.socialrupture.blogspot.com
address: address: www.socialrupture.blogspot.com