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who is john africa
Quote Of the Month

JOHN AFRICA, MOVE's Founder and COORDINATOR, is a wise, perceptive, strategic-minded black man with the solution to all the problems of people all over the world, and JOHN AFRICA's power to solve problems, to make people healthy, honest, sensitive, clean, right is demonstrated with every MOVE person in this organization. JOHN AFRICA have taken the mess this system made of us while we were under the influence of the system and cleaned us up, took us away from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, crime, disease, perversion, suicidal tendencies, manic depression and made us healthy, strong, balanced people. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA! JOHN AFRICA's influence, unlike the system's influence, is making us truly satisfied, making us true wives, loyal husbands, loving parents, sensitive sisters and brothers. That's what JOHN AFRICA is doing for MOVE and what the system failed to do for us in all the years we were in the system before joining MOVE because the system can't do it, the system can't influence righteousness in nobody because this system ain't right, righteousness don't exist in this rotten system, for if it did, righteousness would be reflected in those under the influence of the system. JOHN AFRICA teach that you can only influence your influence, so when your influence is right, everything you influence will be right, and when your influence is weak, wrong, everything you influence will be weak, wrong. Everything JOHN AFRICA influence is proven right, and unless somebody can dispute this, there can be no question about why MOVE people are so thankful and loyal to JOHN AFRICA. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA THE COORDINATOR!

Not only does JOHN AFRICA clear up the deep rooted problems this system have people paying thousands of dollars to counselors, analysts, psychiatrists, therapists, medical doctors, etc. to solve (and people still don't get the solution to their problems), JOHN AFRICA solves our problems free of charge; JOHN AFRICA don't ask for, expect or want nothing in return for all He do for us except that we be right by applying the solution He give us, that's all. JOHN AFRICA is labeled MOVE's leader by those outside of MOVE but JOHN AFRICA Himself makes it clear that He is not a leader; JOHN AFRICA explain that He equips us with the wisdom, strength and understanding to lead ourselves. JOHN AFRICA ain't on no ego trip; JOHN AFRICA despises prejudice, despises the man-made standard of inferior-superior and never ever lets us put that standard on Him. Any time JOHN AFRICA even pick u that kind of attitude in us He give us firm serious information to put an immediate end to it because JOHN AFRICA stand for, demonstrate, live the principle of equality, that's how genuinely secure, righteous JOHN AFRICA is. We know this ain't no phoney act either because a phoney can't be consistent with their act, it becomes a burden and they soon have to drop the act, but JOHN AFRICA is the same all the time, consistently, so we know for a fact that JOHN AFRICA ain't no phoney; we know for a fact that JOHN AFRICA is exactly what He say He is. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA THE COORDINATOR! Unlike a lot of people that are labeled leaders in the system, including religious leaders, that take money and surround themselves in luxury, JOHN AFRICA live very simply; JOHN AFRICA don't wear no jewelry at all because He don't believe in exploiting MOM-NATURE in any way; JOHN AFRICA eats a simple, natural, all raw food diet of fruits, vegetables, roots, and nuts, not gourmet food; JOHN AFRICA wears plain simple clothing like T-shirts, jeans, sweat shirts and sweat pants, not designer clothes, and the fact is JOHN AFRICA could live as rich a lifestyle as you can imagine if He want to, but He don't. JOHN AFRICA use money for what is necessary, to feed, clothe and house us adequately but simply. Any money not needed for that, JOHN AFRICA uses to feet other people (mainly the elderly and families with a lot of children) and hungry animals. We're talking about huge baskets of fresh vegetables, fresh baked bread, potatoes and fruit (including watermelons) for the elderly and large families; we're talking about hundreds of pounds of fresh meat, fat, bones, rice and dried corn for hungry animals. Not only don't JOHN AFRICA surround Himself in luxury, JOHN AFRICA don't care about no luxuries or nothing else that ain't alive; the only thing that JOHN AFRICA care about is life. Caring for and protecting living beings is the only thing that commands our COORDINATOR's attention, and as MOVE people we experience the unparalleled love, devotion and loyalty of JOHN AFRICA consistently. In fact, there ain't a person that comes in personal contact with JOHN AFRICA that don't feel the genuine warmth, sensitivity, love, righteousness of THE COORDINATOR and gravitate to it instinctively, especially children. MOVE kids love JOHN AFRICA, they can't be around Him enough because they feel the security and love generating from JOHN AFRICA, but everyone responds the same way to THE COORDINATOR because that's how righteousness affects you, it touches your instinct. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA THE COORDINATOR! This system try to label JOHN AFRICA and His teaching as crazy, but MOVE know JOHN AFRICA or His teaching ain't crazy because can't nothing that's crazy make people sane, healthy, right-JOHN AFRICA believe in and love life, MOM-NATURE; JOHN AFRICA teach MOVE people to believe in and love life, to understand the absolute necessity of life and protect all life equally, meaning all living beings (people, animals, water, soil, air), because all life come from one source and is necessary, so all living beings are equally important. JOHN AFRICA teach us the principle of equality, the principle of life and there's nothing crazy about that.

JOHN AFRICA have the sensitivity and understanding to know that all living beings have a purpose and have feelings, whether it's expressed in a way humans can understand or not, and JOHN AFRICA protect all life uncompromisingly. THE COORDINATOR took a strong stand against dog fighting that rose to epidemic proportions while He was in Rochester, NY. JOHN AFRICA confronted dog fighters directly, uncompromisingly, and did more to stop this viciousness than animal rights organizations and the government combined. JOHN AFRICA confront this system just as directly and uncompromisingly as He confronted those dog fighters. In June of 1981, JOHN AFRICA set precedent after precedent after precedent while on trial in federal court in the case known as JOHN AFRICA vs. THE SYSTEM. JOHN AFRICA whipped the federal government, whipped this entire system when He was acquitted of all charges despite this system coming at Him with everything it has. Understand the significance of this federal court case- the fact that it was the federal government is significant in itself, add to this that JOHN AFRICA is a money-poor black man with no political influence who walked into court daily with long knotted hair, wearing old jeans and a sweat shirt; add to this that JOHN AFRICA refused counsel and represented Himself in accordance with His belief when JOHN AFRICA can't read or write since He was not schooled by this system and obviously do not have any legal training; take all this into consideration, along with how bad this system want to stop JOHN AFRICA, and you have to see that it's nothing less than miraculous that JOHN AFRICA was acquitted of every single charge and walked out that federal court building with His innocence confirmed. Although JOHN AFRICA was innocent, JOHN AFRICA faced extremely serious charges, He was falsely charged with possession of bombs and explosives, possession of firearms, terroristic threats and conspiracy; JOHN AFRICA faced well over three hundred years in prison but JOHN AFRICA was acquitted of every charge. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA THE COORDINATOR ! This kind of thing don't even happen with influential, well-off white people that are represented by "the best" lawyers, but it happened with JOHN AFRICA because JOHN AFRICA is truly innocent, clean, righteous, powerful. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA! We can tell you plenty more details about this trial that will leave you astounded. This is just a smidgen of information about who JOHN AFRICA is, what JOHN AFRICA represent and why MOVE members feel the way we do about JOHN AFRICA; why MOVE members love, trust JOHN AFRICA and why we are so intensely loyal to JOHN AFRICA. If you would like more information about JOHN AFRICA just let us know and we'll see that you get it. In the meantime, realize clearly that the understanding and definition of JOHN AFRICA is in the example of JOHN AFRICA. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA AND DOWN WITH THIS ROTTEN SYSTEM !!


a system is only good as its practitioners 12.Aug.2008 08:54


hopefully , when yu remind people of other peoples evolving experieinces yu will dispense with the regurgitated racial politics .........hopefully , your black and not some white bourgosie trying to have there voice heard for others...

hmmm ... 12.Aug.2008 10:22

me again

first, john africa's followers were treated awfully by a corrupt (and many cases racist) municipal government and its police department. for that, they deserve our sympathy, and the opperssors deserve our contempt.

second, MOVE does indeed have some appealing revolutionary rhetoric and beliefs.

however, the degree of adulation one hears for the guy sounds an awful lot like a cult of personality to me. and just because someone's gotten a raw deal from a rotten system does not automatically make them a saint. and there _are_ some unsettling stories of just how cult-like the organization was out there.