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Come to Denver when the Democrats Meet: Protest August 23-28

caravan, carpool, get to denver and protest at the DNC convention!
rock the boat!
rock the boat!
Come to Denver when the Democrats Meet: Protest August 23-28

 link to www.worldcantwait.net

Unending War & Threats on Iran
Attacks on Women's Right to Abortion and Birth Control
War Crimes
Gestapo-like Raids on Immigrants

Many groups based in Denver are planning events during the DNC.
World Can't Wait will support many of those actions, and in addition, is planning events related to Bringing the Bush Program to a HALT.
Find calendars of many events at:
Recreate68 : Recreate68.org
Alliance for Real Democracy: realdemocracy2008.org
Unconventional Denver: dncdistuption.org

Only you -not your government- can bring any of this to a halt. The only realistic course is for the people of the U.S. to taking meaningful and independent political action to resist the machinery of war and the fascist direction that has emerged. Come to Denver for a week of protest that includes marching to stand with immigrants under assault and counter-protests to the week of anti-abortion actions of the Christian right. Join in contingents, film showings, street protests, strategy sessions, and more.
Why Go to Denver?
The World Can't Wait shedule of events is below. Some other info about the week:
World Can't Wait will have a booth at the Festival of Democracy Aug 24-28, where Recreate 68 will be based in Civic Center Park.
Every evening, World Can't Wait will sponsor discussions on hot topics. Details will be posted soon.
Saturday August 23:
Rock the Bells Concert: World Can't Wait outreach at Fiddler's Green Ampitheatre in Evergreen CO (details TBA)
Confront the ANTI-Abortionists! Two anti-abortion groups, the "Christian Defense Coalition" and "Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust" demonstrate at the Democratic National Convention. Their plans include a protest at the new Planned Parenthood clinic in Denver .
YOUR GOVERNMENT is moving each day closer to a theocracy, where a narrow and hateful brand of Christian fundamentalism will rule.
YOUR GOVERNMENT is moving to deny women here, and all over the world, the right to birth control and abortion".

The anti-abortion movement, with support from the Bush regime, has succeeded in laying the legal basis, constructing the ethical arguments and creating a cultural atmosphere where a woman's access to abortion and birth control is hanging by a thread.

Should we ignore them and they'll go away? Where has that passivity EVER gotten us?

You might think the Bush Regime has done all the damage it possibly can to reproductive rights. But they are not done yet. And let's be honest: at a time when birth control and abortion are in more danger than at any point since Roe V. Wade, it is widely acknowledged that the Democrats have surrendered the field and would prefer to change the subject.
World Can't Wait plans to confront the anti-abortion activists during the DNC. Here is their list of scheduled:Friday August 22 at 7pm: Prayer/Rally To Be AnnouncedSaturday Aug. 23: 9am: Planned Parenthood at 7155 E. 38 Avenue, Denver. Anti-abortion protesters plan to be at Denver 's newest Planned Parenthood clinic. Planned Parenthood has a scheduled community event at that location for the same day. World Can't Wait will support the clinic and confront the antis. Bring banners, signs, etc. to show your opposition to these anti-woman fanatics.Noon: The Anti's plan to be at Civic Center Park.1pm: Prayer at Pepsi Center , including the laying of roses around the building6pm: Antis will vigil at Skyline Park (near Pepsi Center)World Can't Wait will announce counter protest plans.
Sunday August 24
9am to 6pm

World Can't Wait is calling for, and organizing, a massive anti-war outpouring in the street of Denver.

Join the World Can't Wait Contingent at the End All Occupations Home and Abroad March. (March will begin at the WEST STEPS OF THE CAPITOL and end on Speer Blvd in front of the Pepsi Center)

The Bush Regime, on the basis of outrageous lies, has waged a murderous and utterly illegitimate war on Iraq and Afghanistan , with Iran now in their sites. Seven years of the Bush Regime have radically altered the shape of U.S. society and locked in a global trajectory of wars for empire with no regard for human cost or conscience. The world is shocked by the crimes and destruction the American people have allowed to be carried out in our names.

And let's get real here: the Democratic leadership has colluded with these crimes.

5:00 pm CODE PINK: Freeze Against the War on Iran

7:00 pm World Can't Wait sponsors O ATTACK ON IRAN! Art & inspiration against endless war for empire
It was wrong to go into Iraq. It has been wrong to stay in Iraq. It is wrong not to get out now. It is wrong to escalate the war in Afghanistan and to threaten war with Iran.

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater
119 Park Ave West Denver. For Tickets and Info: (303) 295-1759

Monday August 25 - All Day:
Human Rights/Free All Political Prisoners Day

Civic Center Park and other areas will have feeder marches. 9am

Join the WCW Orange Jumpsuit Contingent! One of the most egregious parts of the Bush Program -and the Democrats' collusion with it- is the legalization of torture. People of conscience act when torture has been legalized and when war crimes are being carried out in our names.

The DNC will nominate its candidate for commander in chief of an empire that has legalized torture and secretly rendered prisoners to other countries that torture. Let's dramatize opposition to the US torture state.
7:00 pm: What's Behind the US Threats on Iran, and How Can We Stop Them? Location TBA
Larry Everest, author of "Oil, Power & Empire: Iraq and the U.S. Global Agenda"
Tuesday AUGUST 26: - Immigrant Rights March has been changed to Thursday Aug. 28
7:00 pm: Film: "Iran is Not the Problem" by Aaron Newman,  http://iranisnottheproblem.org/
Mercury Theater, 1308 Pearl, Denver
Wednesday AUGUST 27: No Warming-Plans TBA
Thursday AUGUST 28: NO BORDERS! IMMIGRANT RIGHTS MARCHNo Ice Raids! No Militarization of the Border: No Detentions! No Human Being is Illegal!
March Step-off at 9am
2855 W. Howard PL. (Rude Park) Rally to follow @ La Alma /Lincoln Park (W. 12th Ave and Mariposa St)

World Can't Wait will be marching to demand an immediate end to the Gestapo-style ICE raids on immigrants and families that create a climate of terror in immigrant communities and workplaces all over the country. We demand an end to the terrorizing and the criminalization of a whole people! No human being is illegal! As new detention facilities which can house hundreds of thousands are constructed within U.S. borders; as walls go up between the US and Mexico; as the border is patrolled by this government in collaboration with armed vigilante groups who hunt migrants down with viciousness, we stand and say no! No militarization of the border! No detentions! No ICE raids! Bring this to a halt! Join with the World Can't Wait on Aug 28 to give voice to these demands.
EVENING: Obama Nomination Acceptance Speech Invesco Center (Mile High Stadium) 75,000+ to attend.Join in bringing the No Attack on Iran message.

homepage: homepage: http://worldcantwait.org

Denver Logistics 13.Aug.2008 21:24

Craig Stehr craigstehr@hotdak.net

You are welcome to visit the Blacktail Permaculture Community in nearby Henderson, CO...email Johnathan Yelenick at  yelenick@riseup.net. For Denver housing contact  housing@recreate68.org. In spite of the fact that we are protesting the "permitted protest zone", you are nevertheless welcome to sleep in it at night...it is located at 7th Street and Auraria Parkway behind the media tents nearby the Pepsi Center. For legal assistance telephone 303-830-0277. Denver Food Not Bombs seeks cooks for the field kitchen...email  denverfoodnotbombs@yahoo.com. For information about the day of direct action in response to global climate destabilization checkout Unconventional Denver's posting on Infoshop.org at  http://news.infoshop.org/article.php?story=2008081303532766. THE MOTHER OF ALL CRITICAL MASS BIKE RIDES BEGINS AT 6PM AT CIVIC CENTER PARK AT 6PM, AUGUST 27TH, 2008. Hey, we'll see ya soon in the mile high city. And by the way, if there's anybody who is still considering skipping the DNC to get to Minneapolis for the RNC actions, please reflect on the historic Chicago organizer Saul Alinsky's comment that "When you pick a target, pick the one with movement". Seriously, you need to come here first! I love you all, and send me beer money at Craig Stehr, c/o Phil Ross 1256 Corona Street #2, Denver, CO 80218-2027. ;-), Craig Stehr

2858 California Street, Denver, CO 80205