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Montavilla In Action

New group in Montavilla focusing on livability and quality of life in this vibrant neighborhood.
Hey there--

I was at the Monatvilla Farmer's Market today and encountered two guys from this new grassroots group in Montavilla-- Montavilla In Action (http://www.montavillainaction.blogspot.com/).

Montavilla In Action's primary mission right now is circulating a petition to get the prostitution free zone reinstated on 82nd avenue. Regardless of how you feel about that particular policy (racial profiling, addressin the roots of the problem, whatever), you can't deny 82nd has problems. These folks live in the nieghborhood, some to the east, some to the west, of 82nd and are trying to make a start at reducing crime in the area and making the entire neighborhood, including 82nd, more livable for residents. They seem to understand that if they can get the prostitution exclusion zone back in effect, that they would then need to follow up with campaigning for some social programs to go further to address the problems.

They are also walking foot patrols in the neighborhood as a group-- non-confortational, but reporting what they see to the police and being a presence. Counting up discarded condoms to track areas of high activity as well.

If you live in the neighborhood and would like to feel more comfortable walking along 82nd, or walking your dog int he residential areas, or even don't want to have to pick discarded condoms out of the gutter in front of your house, you should really get involved. If you don't like the properties of the prostitution free zone, bring your ideas and energy and offer an alternative instead of just bashing it and get invloved.



homepage: homepage: http://www.montavillainaction.blogspot.com/