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How to Save a Life:The Dangers of a Chat Room

This article gives a idea of what really happens in Chat Rooms, the main purpose people use them what happens to kids when they use them. There's also an explanation on how pedophiles catch young preys and tips for you as a parent on how to prevent that and save your kids.
The first thing you need to know is that Chat Rooms are NOT used to meet a person online that was just the original purpose they were created for. Nowadays, they are used by people to get sexual-pleasure; they use "cyber-sex" where they watch each other on Web Cams as they perform sexual acts. Pedophiles use those rooms to catch young preys and make them their "cam slaves", meaning that the kid has to do everything he/she is told to. They have to please their master one way or another.
The Prey

Kids are just tired of hearing their parents telling them over and over what to do and what not to do, "don't talk to strangers" in this case. But it is a human nature to do what they're told not to, kids want to break the law, experience the forbidden act . Kids like to experience new things, so they enter those chat rooms and talk to complete strangers, but little do they know that they can't trust anyone on the internet.
The absence of the father is another reason, either for work or as a result of a divorce; kids need a strong male figure in their lives. Boys need someone to talk to about male issue, such as puberty, but if the father isn't there, they would resort to chat rooms where they could talk to male strangers about personal things.
The Predator

Never trust anyone in chat rooms, no one ever tells the truth about themselves that includes age, gender, nationality, etc... but young kids don't know this, they would believe anything the person they're chatting to says, and also they would tell that person their personal information. Pedophiles wear many masks, some help young boys with male issues and gain their trust, others convince young kids that they would teach them some "fun" things to do, but mainly pedophiles pose as kids and trick their preys.
Tricks of the Trade

This is how pedophiles ruin lives, first they gain the trust of young kids, and all they have to do is get them to switch on their webcams just once and "please" them. The kids won't mind that one time because it's something new and not allowed by their parents. But once it's done, the kids feel uncomfortable and won't want to do it again, but the pedophile would have already taken pictures and videos of them and would use that to blackmail them. He would threaten to tell their parents, which is not really possible, but he would guilt the kids into believing that the whole thing is their fault and make them believe that they are going to get in trouble. So they continue to do those shameful actions on the webcam. That turns them into "cam slaves", they would have to do anything to please their "master", the pedophile. The more they do it, the more used to it they get, and then they grow up to do the same things to other kids.

How to Save YOUR Kids

Those are few simple things parents can do to save their kids:
-DO NOT block any websites---------------------kids would be more persistent and will find another way.
-DO NOT take away their webcams--------------kids would do anything they're not allowed to do.
-DO NOT try to spy on them or check their emails, Web History, etc... -------------kids know a lot of tricks to cover their tracks, if you get caught spying, that will make them not trust you.
-Fathers, spend more time with your kids, make them trust you, tell you everything on their minds-----------------they wouldn't have to resort to complete strangers.
-Lure them away from the computer in a non suspicious way-----------------------don't tell them to switch it off, ask them if they want to go out to the mall, for baseball, movies, etc...