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Lone Vet Report---call out

"Want to take a ride?"
this is Pelosi's Soul
this is Pelosi's Soul
"Birthday Bash for Blumenauer!"
August 12th, 2008 from 5:30-7:30pm
Gerding Theater at the Armory
128 NW Eleventh Ave, Portland

Should we go and have some fun wishing the Earlman a Happy Birthday.?

Last year we were there for his 59th, Harry and I trapped the Earlman when he was waiting for the elevator and sang
Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

You Drank Nancy's Kool-Aid

Then Sold Us Out Too!


59 Dollars & YOU Sell Your Soul

59 Dollars & You Sell Your Soul,

59 Dollars & You Sell Your Soul,

You Can Never Buy It Back

The people who go to this $160 per ticket fundraiser are the top cocktail drinking liberals who think Pelosi is just wonderful. This would be a good event to say we are pissed at the leaders of the democratic party and the Earlman. So, what ya think, "Want to take a ride?"

We are calling all of you to come and tell the leaders of the democratic party they will have to walk over us to get to their cocktails, Yes, we will have a "Die In" near the front doors they must go through. We call all who are pissed that the funding for this war will continue for another year of murder. We call on all young people who want to tell the cocktail drinking dems that they are stealing your future from you and you demand it back.

This is not a protest for children, there will be direct action, no permits, no permission from the cops, and we will make our presence known and make many fat cats very nervous on this night.

We want drums, bullhorns, pots and pans, anything that will make lots of noise; we want to have fun at the expenses of the zombies who think this arrogant SOB is wonderful and a real peacemaker---bullshit!

I will wear my "Soul of Pelosi" costume and beg the VIPs to forgive me for not holding the lunatics in the WH accountable---I shall atone! HA!

Got a costume, wear it, got a mask wear it, this is a good time to tell the establishment that things suck and you are going to hold them accountable for the destruction of everything you believe in. Want to tell these VIPs that they will do more for the "Houseless," come and join us.

Want to tell the dems that they should do more to stop the senseless torture of animals so that some asshole can have better make-up or get a new drug to make them look better, come with us on this night.

Want to tell the dems of Oregon that you want more help for the veterans, who make up 25% of the people living on the streets, come join us.

Want answers about 9/11, come and tell them they have lied to you and to themselves, bring your banners, bring your anger and let them know that wherever they go, we will be there----telling them they are hypocrits and we are disgusted on so many different levels that we will not play nice.

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet

Many of you have asked me about the meeting with Blumenauer or one of his staff, this is a copy of the letter I received today:

7 Aug 08

Dear Mr. Walsh-Lone Vet:

Thank you for your letter regarding impeachment and your request to hold a meeting on the subject. I am well aware of your concerns and your feelings on this matter. Besides writing, calling, and e-mailing you and a group of others have been outside my office protesting for over a year. Many times you come into the office to share your views and frequently my staff has gone outside to engage in a dialogue on the matters that are most important to you.

We have also held a town hall meeting where I listened to the deeply held beliefs of many from your group and others from across my district. After the meeting I released a statement on where I stood on the issue of holding the administration accountable. Over time, I have updated my statement to include legislative activity regarding Congressmen Kucinich's articles of impeachment and letting people know how I voted.

At this point in time, my feelings on this subject continue to be reflected in that statement, which I have attached. As for a meeting, at this time, I do not see a compelling reason to go through what you have already communicated be thoroughly and forcefully to me and my staff.

I want to make sure you know that I have heard, listened, read and watched on YouTube, your beliefs, petitions, and demands. We may not agree on specific tactics and timing but I do think we share the belief that we must end the occupation of Iraq and we must roll back the abuses of the power that this administration has perpetrated on the country.

Earl Blumenauer
Member of Congress


This is what the Earlman thinks of us, if this does not make you pissed than I just don't know what will. I will be at his Birthday Party and will shout as loud as I can------You have violated our trust, you have violated your oath of office and we will not stand by and let you tell the cocktail liberals what a good job you are doing. Enough!

I had to retype the letter, so any spelling or typos are mine.

I want to get his out tonight,

For Justice and Peace,

The Rich and Earl 11.Aug.2008 10:50

lone vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

Stopped over at the Gerding Theater at the Armory last night to check things out, the good news, only one entrance. The cocktail dems will have to pass us going in. The bad news there is no parking lot, you will have to park on the street.

If enough of us show up, we can do a "Die-In" and make them walk over us to enter the $160 per ticket fundraiser. ($1000-Hosts----$2300-Sponsors-----$2500 for PAC's)

These are the big money dems who support this man no matter what; we should tell them that they must put pressure on him to hold the criminals accountable for their acts.

I will be there at 5:00pm to make sure I get to see as many of the Blumenauer supporters as possible.

Bring anything that makes noise, signs saying what you want to say. The only thing that I ask people to think about is that they should be proud of what they say on their signs---that is it.

We all have different things we want to say, go for it!

We could use a bullhorn if anyone has one please bring it.

Let me know what you think

joe walsh
This is not a way to be popular
This is not a way to be popular
He who I fight against
He who I fight against
Why will you not help us bring justice to the criminals?
Why will you not help us bring justice to the criminals?