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AMERICANS EMBRACE THEIR FBI/CIA/POLICE SERIAL KILLER PROTECTORS for now, but in the longer term this unhealthy state of affairs must be reversed.
The serial killers (sks) of the fbi and the cia whom I have described in my reports operate with the implied consent of all branches of the US government and of the people. The USA produces over a half of all serial killers on earth, and when all the facts are made public the USA will be credited with creating maybe 80% of the world's serial killers.Some sks are born psychopathic; others are made deranged by the government,or by social circumstance. In the case of the fbi their dirty little secret of protecting their sks from outside scrutiny now comes to a halt with my reports.
As the fbi agents and operatives stalk, assault and torture their Target, they often send messages to the Target and record his responses on wireless surveillance technology. The fbi and the cia also record the forced suicide of the Target for the benefit of the Senate Intelligence Committee of Congress, lest any doubt may arise as to the casue of death.
Further, the depths of depravity to which the fbi/cia stoop in their assassinations of Targets are the more horrendous as these homicidal groups sometimes bring about the death of the Target by causes that appear to natural. See for example my reports on biological, chemical and viral assaults on my person; also consider the evidence that the fbi created the kidney stone in my body and watched (and recorded) me collapse in agonizing pain from the effects of the blocked tube wherein the stone was lodged.
Other high tech gadgetries used by the intel services to cause stroke, heart attack, or similar life threatening condition are the directed energy weaponry with their invisible bullets which deliver severe pain and a variety of disturbing symptoms. As I have shown in my reports all of this activity is used in concert with the home and car surveillance, invasions and strategic tamperings therein (with concurrent messagings to the Target) and conditioned response assaults on the Target to attempt to secure his submission to the mind games. In many cases these tricks and devices ultimately cause the death of the Target as the fbi sks watch and record; afterwards the assassins move on to another Target whereupon the fbi thugs and their operatives repeat the series of similar assaults on the new Target to cause his death by similar means.
The minds of the fbi/cia sks are thus no different in their infirmity from the minds of sks presented in the modern popular history books and movies; the fbi/cia's methods of killing and torturing the Targets are also similar to other sks in public records in that the sks often play, or toy with the Target prior to his actual demise; the killers also leave messages or notices that the sks were in the home or car of the target, so that he may worry about the next assault.
The sks of the USA's government are honored by the community at large and they often enjoy presitigious social standing in the respective towns and perhaps even attend church, PTA, etc. The government comes to rely on the sks to remove any activist who might pose a theoretical threat to the power of the courts, the congress,or other corrupt government agencies which train and the use sks. I have known several sks during and after my service in government. One such homicidal psychopath was in the Tampa , Florida office; others were in Chicago and New York. All such creatures enjoyed favorite standing in the office, as they were used to murder those subjects who the fbi headquarters considered dead men walking.
I also personally knew a Dallas, Texas, police detective who admitted killing in cold blood five subjects by using their bodies as Target practice. One such victim of the same cop was known to me because I read his file when I was a private investigator. He was a known drug dealer who in the past had owned a hand gun; therefore he was considered "armned and dangerous"; this same man was non violent, was not armed on the day of the killing, and had retained the services of an attorney because he knew that the DA had an arrest warrant on him and that he would soon be arrested. The police detective, however, was not concerned with humane or legal treatment of this drug dealer; the cop shot the Target dead and continued firing about 30 (thirty) rounds in the body as it lay on the street.
The fbi and the cia have created a kind of institutional sk school at the fbi national academy where all graduates (incluuding fbi and police personnel) are indoctrinated as sks or sk facilitators. Note in my previous reports that many doctors and dentists (as well as politicians ) are also sk facilitators as they actively help torment the Targets as I have documented.
Thus the world should accept the reality that the people embrace serial killers to protect the people; this state of affairs is untenable and must be reversed.

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I Concour ...with premise. 09.Aug.2008 19:37

Tracy Mapes news1st@hotmail.com

I would affirm tactics used in this article but would to reiterate
that the media - general is used for surveillance and implementation
in the introduction stimulus to induce a sense of privacy loss, loss
of security in their person, breaking as many social and economic ties
as possible to make the victim not only feel isolated, but to be truly
isolated. Making even an extremely able bodied person paralyzed in their
own care.

Due to very specific references in both the case of Bruce Ivins' in the
FBI's Anthrax probe, and the Virgina Tech mass shooting event involving
Cho Seung Hui may have been pressured into their respective outcomes by
just such targeting by Federal Government Assets.

In the Ivins' case, the reference to the family being bribed is paralell
to incidents I've encounted in the targeting of my own person. They make
anyone they contact feel as though you have committed some heinous crime
that ultimately requires their cooperation, and the additional pressure of
economic reward only adds to the attractiveness to the whole package, as
one betrays their own kin. Then they are required to be pressured into
signing a non-disclosure agreement, to hide the criminal enterprise.

Shameless, on both participant's part. There is no reason in the World for
economic incentives to be introduced into any matter of Justice. It taints
the motives of all involved, and ultimately any case integrity. And any
precursory destruction of the target victim's livelihood, economic wellbeing,
and or ability to receive or maintain care for the self is unconscionable, and
violates every law instituted to protect a person from being punished without
benefit of court hearing or judicial review.

In the case of Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung Hui, video released after the
incident showed clearly that he felt that he was battling with a perceived
threat. These are the types of behaviors that would be diplayed by one targeted
by such psychological abuse tactics. The overall goal of those instituting such
tactics is a suicide due to the hopeless condition they render the person, or to
incite violent resolution in which the person will die in the ensuing conflict,
or cause them to play out the monster role that keeps the rest of society in a
perceived state of shock and outrage. This allows the furtherance of increased
security measures, and the further loss of the personal freedoms of all.

In a taking two birds out with one stone mentality, the primary goal is to
silence any dissent of government or other corrupt activities discovered thereof.

- Tracy Mapes

eh 10.Aug.2008 12:55

maybe not

> the fbi created the kidney stone in my body