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Edwards Risked Dooming Dems in '08- What a Putz!

Imagine if he had been the candidate instead of Obama
The fall of John Edwards is not a pretty sight. This former Rock Star of Liberal dreams has become the greatest pariah and liability for his Party since LBJ. The real story here is that a Democratic front-runner would risk everything- His future AND his party's future, behind a cheap Clinton-esque sex and baby scandal. Even the GOP couldn't come up with enough cash to swing THAT. It sure does remind you that Democrats can be just as underhanded, dirty, and as grossly hypocritical as any Dittohead from Limbaughville. Holding hands with his cancer-stricken wife for the cameras while he's banging his blonde film maker on the campaign plane. He still won't admit the baby is his. He keeps saying it's Andrew Youngs'! But there he was at 3 a.m. at the Beverly Hilton with her and the baby. What's amazing is that not one of his staff tried to intervene with him, to warn him that he was gambling with his party's (and the nation's) very destiny. Obviously no one close cared enough to try and prevent this unstoppable scandal from erupting before he became the actual Presidential candidate. They didn't give a crap and neither did he! And this was their "Golden Boy"! Edwards has been exposed as a cheap TV hustler, fibbing his way out of embarrassing questions like Jim Baker on speed. I guess you just never freaking know.....

all the world is a stage 09.Aug.2008 13:38


The exposure of the Clinton scandal coincided with a massive bombing raid on Iraq with uranium weapons. Mr Edwards has certainly become a patsy for the Repugs. Perhaps this scandal was kept under wraps until the appropriate time, like Jesse Jackson.

The majority of US citizens are not aware of the truth of voting machines, 9/11 or the tens of thousands of Iraq vets dying from U-238 exposure. The Edwards scandal is a media show. Unfortunately, this could mean the powers that be will not let Obomba win. YIKES for our wallets!

ggl 19.Aug.2008 08:36


A little sex is always much more damaging in this repressed puritanical society than all the daily lies both parties tell that lead to war, torture etc etc.

If Edwards wants to have some sex, that is his business. What a non story! It is amazing to me the self righteous crap people pull out in condemning him for just doing what people naturally do!