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Portland Free School Orientation and Block Party

NE Rodney at NE Shaver
Summer is here and with it, lots of renewed interest in the free school. We're really excited to get things kicking again, after a little lull to catch our breath. So we're calling far and wide for all those interested in learning, those interested in sharing, and especially those interested in organizing this revolutionary project to come on down to our new home...

The CommUnity Arts Garage Block Party
That's right, we've now teamed up with our favorite new skillshare space and they're having a block party! We'll be having our free school orientation and organizing meeting underneath the beautiful City Repair T-Horse tea-mobile. The block party will go from 3-10pm and there will be music, performers, hands-on creative projects, a bake sale and auction, plus SCRAP will be hosting an art opening!

homepage: homepage: http://portland.freeskool.org