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Israeli Settlers Attack UK Diplomatic Convoy

The way most people glance at the newspaper, this headline is designed to give the opposite impression. No doubt there are many people out there today who think the Palestinians attacked these officials.

Thanks again, Beeb!
West Bank attack on UK diplomats

A car carrying visiting UK diplomats has been attacked by Jewish settlers (Zionist Extremists) in the occupied West Bank town of Hebron.

The armoured car, also carrying a driver and guide, was briefly attacked and kicked, although no-one was hurt.

Israeli police intervened and, according to the guide, the vehicle had been kept in the area for an hour.

The British Consulate General is now assisting Israeli police investigators. Hebron is the scene of tensions between Jewish settlers (Increasingly violent Zionist Extremists, illegally living on Occupied land) and peace group tours.

A consulate spokesman said three diplomats had been being shown around Hebron by a former Israeli soldier now working for a peace group, Breaking the Silence.

(A group which seeks to inform the world about the Israeli military's institutionalized racism and brutality, and the state's policies of the same nature.)

The attack happened in a part of the town considered off-limits to Palestinians.

(The definition of Apartheid.)

Increasing tension

A consulate statement said: "The Israeli police intervened and we are assisting then with their investigation of the incident."

The BBC's Wyre Davies says Hebron, in the south of the West Bank, has seen "increasing tension between peace groups and settlers who live in the central, historic part of the town".

(Meaning increased attacks by these Extremists against Palestinians, and those acting in the name of justice and peace.)

"The peace groups say they're trying to show the negative impact of the Israeli occupation on local Palestinian residents," he said.

(The illegal settlers - TERRORISTS? - only highlighted the point by attacking them.)

"For the settlers, Hebron, and its ancient sites, is inherently Jewish and is somewhere they have vowed to remain."

(As they have been indocrinated in the racist Cult of Zionism, which preaches this exclusionist, supremacist Revisionist version of history.)


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