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US ally Georgia starts war in Eurasia - Russia already involved

US ally spits on Olympic Peace
Condoleeza with the agressor in Tblisi, Georgia
Condoleeza with the agressor in Tblisi, Georgia "warns russia" (source: bbc)
The neoconservative President of Georgia, Michael Sakaashvilli, started a full scale attack on the separatist russian minority province South Ossetia. The Ossetian capital is besieged right now. Air strikes are done. Russian peace keepers were killed, as well as many civilians.

Georgia is a close ally of the US and major player in Zbigniew Brzezinskis wet dream "the grand chessboard". It is part of the US strategy to weaken Russia by provoking conflicts on its boarders.
What the US seem to forget: all good chess players are russian....

A few hours ago Russia was officially asked by South Ossetia and Abchasia for military protection, russian troops are already heading towards Georgia and Ossetia. No doubt: Georgia will loose this "game".

The question is: why did Georgia start this war? There´s no doubt Saakashvilli won´t do any step without the order and knowledge of Washington. Why going into war with Russia?

Is there perhaps a major US plan - may be a war against Iran? Forcing Russia to focus on "its" problems, instead of mixing in into the Iran thing? Attacking Iran while China ist the host of the Olympic Games? So that China will be kind of bound...?

Speculations... But, the questions remain...



Georgia is toast 09.Aug.2008 08:15


What the hell was the Georgia president thinking..The citizens of the breakaway territory have Russian passports and are protected by Russian troops. Did he really think a resurgent Russia was going to let them forcefully take it back...Does he think the U.S. or NATO are going to do anything other than politely ask the Russians to stop..This Idiot just destroyed his nation and thousands are going to die..I bet he had the freaking blessings of Bush and company...Well. say goodbye to your pipeline.

USA has no business being on the 'soft underbelly' of Russia anyway. 09.Aug.2008 11:39

NWO no no no

No. The Georgians said 'let's have a peace conference, OK' then that night they bombed the hell out of civilian ethnic russians in the area. This is the same moment that the USA, UK, and France imperial powers are moving toward the Persian Gulf preparing to attack Iran. Iran allied with Russia.

Yes, Georgia is toast. The U.S. puppet there I'm sure will be well paid, just as he was to be the head of an illegal coup that put him in power several years ago organized by the USA.

South Ossetia is Russian ethnolinguistically. It's split from North Ossetia by the mountains. They were once impassible in wintertime when all this territory was teh USSR. So it really didn't matter that at group of ethnolinguistic Russians were in another 'Georgian' USSR statelet. However, with the collapse of the USSR, the borders became more formalized. For the past 10 years or more South Ossetia has been a virtual autonomous territory within Georgia.

So the question is why U.S. puppet of Georgia decided to start a wider war just when the US, UK, and France-Zionist-Sarkozy statelet all decided to move toward Iran....

Lots of maneuvering.

And to do it during the distraction of the Olympics just takes the warmonger bully cake, USA.

USA has no business being on the 'soft underbelly' of Russia anyway. USA out of there.

Georgian war crimes; Georgian peacekeepers started the killing 09.Aug.2008 11:55

US allies not to be trusted at all

A senior Russian diplomat said on Saturday that the country may ask the International Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights to investigate war crimes committed by Georgia.

"I do not rule out that the Hague and Strasbourg courts and institutions in other cities will be involved in investigating these crimes, and this inhuman drama that has been played out," Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin told news agencies in an interview broadcast on the Vesti-24 TV channel.

Russian peacekeepers "were killed by their own [Georgian] partners in the peacekeeping forces," he said.

"There is a Russian battalion, an Ossetian battalion, and a Georgian battalion... and all of a sudden the Georgians, Georgian peacekeepers, begin shooting their Russian colleagues. This is of course a war crime," Karasin said.

The ongoing conflict is the most severe since South Ossetia fought its way to independence from Georgia in 1992. The majority of the local population have Russian citizenship.


And the U.N. asked Georgia to keep to a peace/ceasefire during the Olympic truce. However, Georgia started up a war during the Olympics instead! And Brits, US, and French off to invade Iran during the Olympics as well! Bush's Georgian pal true to his psychopathic core starts to slaughter civilians in a nightime attack on the capital city of South Ossetia as the Olympic Games opened. Sick sick sick..