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The Treachery of HSUS

The Humane Society of The United States (HSUS) has once again sold out the movement for cheap political gains.
A day after the recent arson attacks against the home of animal researcher David Feldheim and a car parked at the home of another University of California-Santa Cruz vivisector; HSUS donated $2,500 to the reward fund (which now stands at $50,000) for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects involved. Now it is understandable that a mainstream organisation like HSUS might want to distance themselves from this sort of action. Many people, even supporter of illegal direct action, had mixed feelings about the recent arson attacks because of potential the danger they posed to human life. The use of violence has long been a point of contention within the animal rights movement and is a conversation that the movement needs to have in order to move forward. Debate is healthy and important, but for a self described animal rights organization to willingly assist the federal government in the arrest and prosecution of others within the movement is an inexcusable act of treachery. Now I know some good people who do work with HSUS; people who are very passionate and sincere. I'm in no way condemning them or the good work they may be doing. But serious animal rights activists may want to question there association with HSUS. The neo-mcarthyism of HSUS is nothing new. In an August 2005 Newsday article, Michael Markarian, Executive Vice President of External Affairs of HSUS condemned the non-violent direct actions of the Animal Liberation Front, then went on to say: "We applaud the FBI and law enforcement authorities for trying to crack down and root out these criminals." HSUS has shown their true colors by cheerleading the federal governments crackdown on radical animal rights activists. If HSUS would rather take the side the police state before those in the movement, then they shouldn't be trusted by anyone who supports the struggle for animal liberation. It's time HSUS is called out and held accountable.

For more information on HSUS and their complicity with the police state visit: